Are you coming Mom?
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  • My husband is a truck driver and often has to get up around midnight so he heads up to bed hours before I do. Every night when he heads upstairs he will ask the dogs if they want to go to bed and they go rushing for the stairs tails wagging eager for sleep but then they stop on the first landing and turn to look at me. Coming mom? and thats it! They wont go higher. If I walk towards the stairs and put my foot on the first step they will start heading up but when I turn and head off in a different direction they run down again. Then hubby will grumble that he has to sleep alone again. Mom one, Dad zero :D

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  • LOL… I hear that.... mine will follow Dad upstairs... but within 2 minutes they are back down again...

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    My 2 go visit Lou when he heads to bed early, for their nightly ear rub…then back to me until its "under the cover" time...

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  • Our female goes to bed with dad and are male stays out with me. I think she likes to sleep on moms side of the bed and streach out. Ive come in a few times and found her with her head on my pillow. :)

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