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I think it depends on your particular basenji. I grew up with 2 basenjis when I was in my teens who stayed at home loose in the house, and the most they would do was shred a roll of toilet paper. After they both passed, my family got 2 new ones. These dogs ate a couch while we were at home, just not watching them. We were so mad. The new rules are that the dogs are either in the crate, outside or in the house with 24/7 eyes on them. They are never left around our new furniture unattended. Overall, it depends on your specific dog.

@courtneybdx Thank you!
I am fully ready for my first Basenji. I will try my best to raise the newcomer so he or she will prefer food over my piano!
We will see. i will be happy to update you as we go on on my new Basenji and my Piano!

First Basenji's

@eeeefarm , Thank you for sharing. Since you have experience with many Besanjis, I would love your advice on the below: 1) . My husband and i work 9:30 to 6 pm Mon-Wed, and i work form home once a week, Thursdays, and my husband is home on Fridays. Weekends we are both home. But i don't see we can find a long term solution for Mon to Wednesday schedule(9-6pm). We can have a dog walker/ sitter for some time in the initial weeks. Do you think Basenji can be adjusted to being alone three days in a row? ( the exercise requirements are fine with me and we can take time out in the morning and evening to take him out or let him run in the backward.)

  1. We plan to eventually have a doggy door opening in our backward only when is is grown up and we can trust that it is fine to leave him open in the house? I will really appreciate what do you think about it?

Some can be left alone, some can't. Most can't. But a doggydoor when you are not home is a danger. Snakes, bee stings, people throwing poison in, tree fall on fence, a whole host of issues. Having had my dog get bitten by a snake, if I hadn't been home to rush her to an emergency vet, she'd have been dead. It just, to me, is not worth the risk.

I am not Shirley, but I suspect she'll agree that if you can exercise early so your pup is tired, he'll be okay 3 days in a row once he's a bit older. Many basenji people do not place until 12 weeks, and by 4 or 5 months, they can go without pottying 4 to 6 hours if not more. Worse case scenario is if you can't get home to potty or have someone do it until the puppy is a bit older, you can put a potty pad in the house. Those with the artificial grass are a bit expensive, but using only 3 days a week for a few months shouldn't be bad.

I agree with Debra that a dog door can be problematic. That said, they work for some people. I have no poisonous snakes to contend with where I live, but my last Basenji could go over most fences and I would not have trusted him outside alone.

I am not a fan of leaving a dog alone for more than a few hours but some will tolerate it better than others. This you will find out with experience. Some dogs do much better with the company of another dog.

I have had and used doggy doors for 30+ years and never had a problem, but then we have 10 to 12' privacy fences and the gates are locked from the inside.

First Basenji's

Thank you for the insights. Really appreciate it. We are iffy about the doggy door as well but it may be an option in future, not for a few initial years though.

I am also wondering how quickly we have to change the fence our my backyard. We have one side fully blocked with wood about 7 feet, but the other side has the chain link fence about 3 feet. Picture attached.
We are still deciding if to go all in and buy pur first ever puppy or play safe and get a Basenji about 1 year age.

In case of a puppy, till what age he could be kept in 3 feet chain link fence under supervision?
If we get a year old Basenji, do i need to replace it with wood fence right away? [link text](link url![0_1506991318071_Screenshot_20171002-204142.png](Uploading 100%) )0_1506991939818_Screenshot_20171002-204945.jpg

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Depends on the dog. Some consider chain link to be a ladder. My boy would easily scale a six foot fence, but vertical boards kept him in. Some will dig, some won't. Your yard would likely keep in a young pup, as long as there are no gaps to squeeze through, but I would supervise just in case.

@sadiak - Basenjis can and do climb chain link like a ladder....

A 3 ft fence... honestly my puppies would have been over that in a flash.

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