Noisy bug

Last night, it was already dark when I went outside when I went out to let the dogs in. Just before I opened the door I noticed a large bug on the wall. It had a large body and wings and although I had never seen one up close before I knew it was a cicada. I'm not sure why but I reached out and touched it's wings. It fell to the porch and started buzzing. (If you have never heard a cicada buzz, this is what it sounds like

). The sound immediately alerted the dogs and they went in to check it out. They weren't too sure about it though so one would get close enough to poke it and the moment it started buzzing they would all jump back. The three boy pups took turns poking it to make it buzz and they would all jump up in the air going backwards at the same time. The actions of the dogs was hysterical! I really wanted to get it on video but it was too dark outside. They finally got a bit braver and each one would try to pick it up in their mouth. The moment the buzz started they would drop it like a hot potato and leap back wards. This went on for a good 10 minutes with me laughing like a hyena the whole time. I finally picked up the cicada and tossed it into the grass, hoping the dogs had not damaged it. The dogs sadly watched then went inside.

What a funny word-picture you have painted! I can just see the pups nosing, then leaping out of the way!

This sounds like it was hilarious! I can just see your basenjis bouncing up and backwards away from the cicada - great story!

I can see this in my mind so easily. Too funny!

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