• For all that responded to the thread about the two B's who's dad died.

    Anubis and Anuket are home here at Jaroufa Hounds.
    They are grossly over-weight,Anubis is 36.5 lbs and Anuket is 27 lbs. They will be on a much needed diet as of now.
    Anubis is almost 13 years old and Anuket is 6 years old.
    Anubis has a brain tumor which causes him to have seizures,he has been this way for many years. He is on two meds for them.He has a seizure about once a month.
    Will have to monitor him and evaluate if it would be time for him to go over the Bridge.It will not be easy for him to intergrate back into my pack , as he has been with Rich for 11 years.I don't want to stress him out.
    My daughter will be taking Anuket,I think that she will do will with her.If it happens it doesn't work out,I have another home lined up with another Basenji person.

    The bottom line is that I,as a responsible breeder has always stepped in to take back any of my dogs in need,no matter how old they are.
    If more done that,there would be no need for rescue.

  • Thanks for letting us know that they are home safe and sound… and WOW... are they ever overweight.... yikes!! I am sure that is not helping Anubis's health or conditions.
    I am sure that whatever you decide you need to do as the best course for Anubis's quality of life will be the right choice. We all have to make hard decisions sometimes..

    And Amen about stepping in and taking back... I totally agree!

  • Poor Anubis is quite uncomfortable because of the heat here.The extra weight is hard on him and his condition.
    Anuket is not much better but at least she is healthy.
    Tonite,Anubis would not eat his dinner. I managed to get meds down him but only because I crushed them and mixed with peanut butter. Then, I smeared it on his tongue.
    Anuket,ate just a small amount of the already small amount that I started them on.
    I have to think it is not easy for them. Rich fed them only table food and I do mean table food.
    He used to bake muffins and cookies for them for breakfast and only fed them what he ate,which as alot of the time steak and macaroni and cheese,prime rib,etc.
    These dogs where spoiled rotten.
    Anuket will have to learn how to eat dog food again.
    Here at Jaroufa Hounds,I feed half raw and half Blue Buffalo. So, it is not like they will be eating dog chow.

    Will have to see how it goes.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

  • You have a great heart to take care of these poor dogs. This must have all been hard on them, moving to a strange house, missing their 'dad' and not understanding what has happened. I'm sure you will do whatever is best for all concerned.

  • These are my babies,I bred them,so therefore I'm responsible to take over and do what is best.

    Anubis was 2 years old when Rich got him from me and Anuket was 3 years old.
    Anuket was acquired when Rich's other B,Honey passed away.Honey was Anubis' mother.He was very depressed so Rich came to me and asked if I had another B for him. I really didn't want to let Anuket go. Her name before that was Lovey,and a Lovey she is.
    I let her go for the good of Anubis who was called Gambler when I had him.
    Anuket(Lovey) was my pick from a litter I bred.She was to be a show dog.

    I always have a contract with my dogs.It states that I'm to get my dogs back if anything happens within there lifetime that they need to be rehomed.

    I've always stood by that.
    Just happy to have them back.

    Kathryn D. Ladick
    Jaroufa Hounds

  • Houston


    I am so happy to hear that they are home again..I am glad you have the opportunity to take them back, and yes wouldn't it be lovely to put rescue "out of business"?

    Hope all goes well for all of you, keeping you in my thoughts.

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