Its Too Hot for a Walk!!

I took some pics on my phone on our walk to see the ponies t'other day! Apologies for the quality!

Delilah had a bit of a strop halfway there as she decided it was too hot, she is a princess and she deserves to be! Little madam.

I put Lilah in the trough to cool her off lol!! And Maya, who HATES water jumped right in too!! Crazy dog…

Up and over

LOL, this is great!

"I'm just keeping my Delilah company/safe"!


LOL, this is great!

"I'm just keeping my Delilah company/safe"!

Or trying to dunk her 😃


Great pictures.. I love the ones of them in the funny.

First Basenji's

"Mmm… dog-flavored water, my favorite," thinks the horse. Haha.

Very cute! Mine will jump into water if they are hot…but no other time.

Very cute pictures. Mine jump into the baby pools at the dog parks when it is very hot, I think it's to cool their feet down - it seems to be the only time they will do that. Right now, it is extremely hot and muggy here, and Gemma would just as soon not be out at all since she's so furry, while Shaye doesn't seem to care. They are going out less in any case, because I find the weather too hot, too soon in the season.

Jess if Delilah is a Princess, what does that make Maya? 😉

First Basenji's

It soo sweet of Maya to jump in and "save" the princess from the evil water. Why Lilah might have - DIED from that nasty water stuff. Good job Maya.

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