Crop circles

Has anyone experienced this in their yards/fields?

We, for the second year, woke up to find a 16" diameter crop circle in our backyard. When I saw it, I called my sister, and she said to me "you had one of those LAST year!" Now, as I age, my memory often fails me, but when she said that, I did vaguely remember having one in the backyard, and my husband chirped in an "I remember that!".

So, for the record:

1. It was not there the previous evening. At this time of year I like to check my garden quite a bit. I get lots of joy out of it. The grass was perfectly fine the night before.

2. As we have animals, I do not use any products on my grass. If weeds or moss grows, well, I just accept it because they are both green anyway, and look fine with the grass cut.

3. When cutting the grass, the mower does not hover over any one area. The mower is in great condition and does not leak anything at all.

4. I did not water my grass or do anything to it the night before. The grass was only cut about 4 days earlier.

5. I did not put a garden pot down onto the grass for ANY length of time, ever, this year.

6. There was no exceptional amount of sun the previous day, and we do not have any trees near the area that would create that type of shadow or burning in effect.

7. Our neighbourhood is extremely quiet. We live on a private street that is a cul-de-sac. Around us is farmland. If anyone was doing strange things at night in our neighbourhood, someone would have noticed/heard something.

8. We DO live not far from a tiny airport that has small planes landing there. And we are about 12 miles away from the Vancouver, BC International Airport.

What gives? I will post a picture of the circle so you can get a feel for the size and look of it. Trust me. I don't want you guys to think that I am looney toons! After all, I could be buying a basenji from you in the future.

For the life of me, what's going on? The one last year was also discovered at this time of the year.

Can't offer any explanation Fran, but look foward to seeing a pic.

pictures please!!!!! :-))))

Little green men…... ooooo-WEEEE-eeeeee-ooooooo

😃 just teasing....but would also like to see a pic if you have one

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