• Does anyone crate both of their dogs together in one large crate?

    I am thinking of buying a larger crate and letting Chase and Zahra room together in the larger crate while I am at work. They are always trying to get into the same kennel when I leave for work in the morning and sometimes I let them now that Zahra is a little better about not pottying in the crate during the day anymore.

    I also have to admit I have a selfish reason for this, I would like to be able to reach my dinning room table and regain some of the space back. :rolleyes:

  • It just scares the *** out of me to have dogs sharing crates when no one is home. You just can't tell what might start a life ending fight. And when both dogs are trapped together, they can get really short with each other.

    So my suggestion would be no 🙂

  • Although mine used to play together in their crates together I don't think I would trap them in there with the doors closed. Sometimes TOPAZ just annoys C3 and he likes his space when she's being a pain in the rear.

    For peace of mind I would get two 🙂

  • I would not reccomend doing that, fights start over the slightest things. Too many things can go wrong…...seperate cartes is the way to go IMO.:)

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