Basenji Practical Jokes

First, anything involving bras, panties, socks or soggy towels from the dirty clothes basket is WAY too funny, especially if mom is busy at the computer and you get them out 3 times in 5 minutes. Next, and this one is really good for a laugh, when your mom's in the shower, sneak in and take one shoe to the living room. When mom gets out of the shower she immediately goes, Did you get my shoe AGAIN??? Then she comes hopping into the living room on one foot, sort of like a bunny rabbit but not quite. That one's funny even if you do it once a day for two years. Of course everybody knows if you need your coat to go potty, it's too doggone cold to go out. When your mom announces it's time to go potty and Lets Put On Your Coat, clown big time. Rassle. Put your nose in the leg hole of your coat. Baroo if you can get still get your mouth open. Whatever it takes. Say your mom wins the smack down and gets you suited up, she will go in the other room for a minute. Quickly UNVELCRO yourself. When mom comes back wearing her sweater, coat, hat, muffler and gloves, you will be standing there completely naked. Your mom may cry at first and make funny noises, but she'll laugh about it later.

Too funny! I can just picture it…!

Too funny! I didn't realize the coat thing happend to other human slaves, too!

ROFL!! The visuals that go along with this story are priceless!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

My favorite is when I am greeted at the door by a "Tattler" who feels obligated to inform me that someone, "not them" but "someone", has been naughty, usually in form of TPing the house.

Now that it is winter here in NC (it had been pretty mild this winter) Sahara jumps around and tries to play with me when I try to put her coat on. If I succeed she will try to get it off of the velcro also, up until now she was great with the coat thing, I don't get it, is it b/c she is older and just wants her way. She will go out to potty and shiver instead of wearing her coat, I let her win the first battle with the coat and that was a mistake, now it is a losing battle, so I just don't try anymore, if she wants to be cold, so be it, the little stubborn sweetie, haha!!!!!:D

Ha ha, now I know why my dog steals my socks over and over! 🙂 You know how it is, when you first get up in the morning, and you aren't quite awake, and you sit down to put on your socks, and suddenly, one of them is missing, and you look over, and the dog is holding one in her mouth, in her bed! 🙂

This a hysterical story!!! 😃

Embarassing moment: company here to visit and Bella prances proudly down the steps with my underwear in her mouth!!!:eek:

hehe…sneeky arnt they

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