Lazy weekend

It's supposed to be nice all weekend (and warm), and Kananga is already starting his sunbathing this morning… :rolleyes:

King of the sun…. 😃

He does look like the King of the Sun! Kananga epitomizes 'soaking up the sun'. He seems so calm and relaxed, and for you, it must feel wonderful to hug him once he has absorbed all of that warmth. 🙂

I know my 2 b's dream of the sun, as we live in the trees up here in the PNW. What a lucky boy you have.


He is loving it!! Such a sun god.

Heh… he has an easy life, this sure didn't take long..... 😃

Kananga has the right idea, i love the pics that show his reflection.
Poor Malaika has to make do with the gas fire, it's cols and rainy here in Preston.
Thanks for sharing your sunny pics.

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