Weekend getaway

We decided to take a mini 3 day vacation as our normal vacation is usually early October. There was NOTRA scheduled in Colorado, so that was a good place to take the boys for a weekend. We ventured out to garden of the gods and did a little sight seeing. Its 90 degrees so a little is all we could handle today. The boys enjoyed chanelling their mountain goat genes. the whippets stayed home as Annie is due to come in season any minute and we just knew she would do it in Colorado if we took her along. She slept with out 25 yr old son last night and we are told she is a bed hog. Not looking fwd to the 13 hr trip home,but the weekend is good so far. I went over to check on takeout at the Caspian Cafe next to the hotel and the manage invited us to bring out boys to dinner on the patio, so I guess they will be getting spoiled eating in their first restaurant enjoying Iranian food with us:)

Looks beautiful, enjoy your weekend


Wow, what scenery..hoping you enjoy your whole weekend to its fullest..take lots of pictures and share them, will you please?…;)

Wow, what beautiful scenery…and dogs too!

Beautiful Basenjis in a beautiful place. Thanks Lisa for sharing these!

A few photos from today, we spent an hour digging cacti off the field so the dogs can run, they did great. Colorado is a lot of fun.


Happy dogs….Great pictures.

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