• Pics of my She-Ra and her friend Benji (the tri).
    I have no idea how people with more than one walk them together…. its insane! (And I have no backyard so every pee time = walk)

  • Humans learn to be very creative when walking 2 basenjis at one time. And you get a lot of extra exercise. Especially when there are squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other dogs around.
    Then when you have another human, it is really amazing how easy it is to walk just one! 🙂 it is like a vacation! haha

  • I walk 3 on a tri-lead my husband made, they pull against each other most of the time, and they don't usually wrap around me. But…if all three spot a squirrel at the same time, it gets a little challenging! The good side is they all walk nice together, give each other space and I don't have to worry about dropping a lead, as there is only one thick handle.

  • I think i'm ready for it. I used to walk Medjai with my parents chow mix. That was a challenge, as the chow mix has never been good on a leash, and Medjai just wanted to play with him, so they'd try to run all over the place. I'd give anything to trade walking a 20lb dog and a 65lb dog to just walking two 20lb dogs.

  • I walked 2 B's for 13 years and the only time it's challenging is, yes the squirrels. I've walked my 2 and a friends Spaniel and that was a bit challenging.

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