• I'm glad you contacted Tad. He will work out what's best for Simba. He's a great guy.

  • @tanza:

    Then he needs to go back to his breeder…. so glad to hear that you are contacting Tad

    Have you noticed anything else about his behavior? Have you been strip testing him for Fanconi?

    I'm glad that you have contacted the breeder and he is going to take him back. I'm sorry you have to give him up, I know it will be hard on you but it is the best choice for Simba.

    Pat I was going to ask the same thing look at Simba's pedigree on the database.

  • Well we are still in the process of trying to get simba back to tad. I don't have the time or money right now to make the 5 1/2 hour trip. He had a friend that would do it but i can't afford to pay her what she was asking. Does anyone have any suggestions? 😕

  • Is it possible for you and Tad to meet half way somewhere?

  • Perhaps a BUR run can be arranged where several people do smaller segments of the trip to get Simba to Tad.

  • First Basenji's

    Why is everyone trying to give advice without being able to see the situation in full context? Has anyone ever gone to U-tube and watched the B's being filmed? Most of the howling, sneezing, destroying looks like fustration, it is NOT funny. A tired Basenji is a Happy one. Exercise: physical and mental are the only way for ANY dog to expend pent up energy. The B in particular. If not able to expend it physically, they make their own games, destroying, aggression, etc. I could not comment on the biting nor give you any other advice other than to have a professional evaluate him and his surroundings. If you already feel in your heart you can not fulfill his needs, then maybe he needs a home without children or a place where he can exert himself in a more constructive and non-stressful way. So sorry to hear about you situation. Hoping the best for all!

  • Buddys Pal, I like your advice on the excersize thing. I agree totally with that. I have seen a method that works very well for stoping dogs from nipping or biting but, based upon some previous comments by another about the limited training that I know, I would rather not share it on this forum. I have also seen a dog that eventually had to be destroyed because she wouldn't stop biting. I didn't know much about training back then and was of the opinion that she had to be destroyed many years before she was. Now that I know a little more I must say that it may have been possible to save her but I still have my doubts. And yes, she was allowed to continue until she eventually bit a little girl on the face badly enough that it required stitches.

    Did Simba make it back to Tad yet? I hope all works out well here for everyone, best wishes.

  • I've had a history here with Tucker. Most of you have read some of the issues regarding his biting (many, many bites). I ended up with a muzzle on Tucker and everything, at the moment, is fine. Tucker is used to the muzzle and wears it like a B wears a collar (he wears the italian basket muzzle, No. 5). No issues. He doesn't even try to rub it off anymore. The muzzle comes off when he eats and when he and I are alone - but stays on 24/7 otherwise. He does still exhibit the aggressive behavior and has 'attacked' a few handymen, but after that initial snarl and attempted chomp on the leg, he gives up and walks away knowing he can't do anything. These moments of illucidity are very short lived and as time passes, they are becoming less and less frequent. I've learned a lot from observing these occurrances and I honestly believe it's curbing his behavior, knowing that he has no weapons anymore. I've also learned and truly believe that Tucker's behavior revolves around the fact that he feels that virtually everyone is going to beat him if he does not do the beating first. I know Tucker's history involves abuse from some asshat somewhere in his puppyhood (otherwise he would still have the rest of his tail and it was pulled off, not cut, says the doctor). I know his history from age 6mos until I got him, but don't know what happened before that. And, before anyone asks, he's seen two behaviorists, been with two trainers (one is quite esteemed in my area), had a full medical panel, two regarding thyroid. The last behaviorist said I should put Tucker down. Hell bent and determined, I found a way to keep my beloved dog.

    Tucker was a rescue and had already been through 5 homes BEFORE I got him when he was 3.5 yrs old. The rescue I got him from (and I'll name no names) ignored me, so I didn't have any recourse to fall back on like a responsible breeder. I was on my own and I found a way to keep my dog alive, whether he SHOULD have been put down or not. I've even made plans for a sanctuary should the current implements not continue to work and am paying, preemptively, for the potential for future care for him. Otherwise, the money I've spent goes to care for another dog, which I am totally fine with.

    I'm one of those people who feels there HAS to be a way. My dog is like a child to me since I have none of my own to date. I will do everything I can for him until there is absolutely nothing left to do. So far, we've had 4 good years together and I anticipate many more. I need him as much as he needs me.

  • @TuckerVA:

    …I'm one of those people who feels there HAS to be a way...

    Kudos to you! I feel the same way. Bless you for making the supreme effort which a lot of us are incapable of or, at least, unwilling to. Someone has to in any case or, eventually, down the dog goes.

    I'm sure Tucker knows he's loved and part of a loving family, regardless of the muzzle.

  • I was just reading this thread tonight - what ever happened to Simba - did he make it back to Tad? Does anyone know?

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