Having a rest on a sofa :)

My little lady always ready to pose :))))

being really tired of photo-shooting 😃

She is sooo tired :D.
Our 4 lie on the balcony since sun has started shine and are soo tired too :D.

Beautiful pics of a lovely little lady 🙂

She is very pretty! And she does a good job of modeling, too.

So pretty! I absolutely love her eyes.

Lovely little girl 🙂

Thank you guys…..will tell your compliments to Mody 😃

She is so cute… little handsome girl... 😃

I can imagine you get tired by resting in the sun!

So beautiful!! Love the last picture, thats a happy basenji 😃

lovely photos Petra. She really is gorgeous!


jepp, she is a beauty..and between her and Tillo..one of the reasons I want a basenji frm Sweden…so beautiful..

I love the last picture with her front legs curled up - she really looks nice and comfortable. She's a pretty girl!

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