Some pics of Otis resting after his ordeal

  • Houston

    Yesterday Otis was hit by a car and fortunately did not get killed. He got some road rash on one of his legs and on his nose (very little) as well as pulmonary contusion. He is OK today, stiff and sore but alive. I took some picturs of him yesterday afternoon, once we came home for the VET ER, and I finally let him go to sleep (I was afraid to let him fall asleep before the vet checked him over, in case severe head trauma was in the picture).

    He looks so peaceful..

    This picture is from this morning, Otis and Gus are doing the ever so important squirrel tallying…

  • Otis looks so sweet. Love the one looking out window ready to go.

    Rita Jean

  • Otis looks fine, nice to see him with Gus watching Squirrels.

  • Houston

    He does seem fine, and now I just watching to make sure he doesn't go all out as far as activity for a few more days…He really wants to go out and chase squirrels in the back yard...but we will not have any of that. I did however take him ouit in the front on his leash to see how he would react. He was apprehensive at first , but quickly found things to sniff and relaxed after that. I even trained him for 10 minutes on his loose leash walking homework from our Obedience Class, and he did splendid..yeah Otis. I don't know if y'all know what Otis means, it means "the one who hears well", fitting maybe, because very little goes past him...he just chooses not to

  • Poor little Otis !!!:(
    I hope he is fine now …
    Give him a big hug from Bendji (and from us too of course !);)

  • Otis sure is resilient. What doesn't kill him only makes him stronger. 😃

  • Thanks for the pics and the great news.

  • Houston

    Otis is doing much better, I left the pups alone for a few hours today so the kids and I went to the pool, and I honestly think a few hours of no play, sleeping soundly in his crate did him good. He just ate a large dinner of beef,, chickenliver, veggies and a scoop of plain youghurt for good measure.
    Thank y'all so much for you're warm thoughts and letting me be able to vent/release my worries to all of you..

  • Glad Otis is doing well!

  • First Basenji's

    I'm so glad he's doing better.

  • I'm glad it sounds like he's on the mend.

  • Poor baby! Hope he feels alright again.

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