• So the mother's mother of my puppy has been feeding the litter goat's milk with a puppy supplement. She is doing that becuase thier litter had 7 puppies and she wanted to make sure they all were being fed well….

    The little boy will be flying to me as an official 8 weeker. Do I and should I find some goat milk and continue to give him the milk, or just start him on the puppy food?

    The Natural Balance soft food I will be feeding him states there is no need to add puppy supplements to the diet.

    Any suggestions or opinions? My first basenji was fine without it. Are there any benefits? And, I dont believe he is underweight.

  • You could do the goat milk…but I never have. Since you are feeding a semisoft food, he will probably switchover easily. Make sure you get him used to brushing his teeth, since he won't be eathing hard food to scrape them 🙂

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