• howdy i have had two Basenji's over the last 28 years,
    Bob left me after 8 yrs with Fanconi.:(

    Pete made it 17 years !!:rolleyes:
    red and white.

    maybe i'll get a photo on here of him soon.

    Great to see all of you Basenji lovers!:D


    duh that's Pete in my avatar! his last 2 years.

  • Bob came from east bay,San Francisco.

    Pete came From ;
    Ken And Marilyn Leighton- Zuri ๐Ÿ™‚
    in Pleasanton Calif.

  • Welcome. I was lucky enough to meet the Leightons in Wa state at the EBC specality.
    Lovely folks with wonderful dogs. Ken will be missed I know.
    Glad you found us.

  • Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Bob to Fanconi. Are considering getting another one?

  • Glad to have you aboard with all of us basenji lovers. It's such an enjoyable place to be - lots of good information and basenji-loving talk.

  • Houston

    Welcome MrGAS..nice to have you onboard..
    So sorry to hear about your losses, it never gets easier.

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