Hi,From Lake Havasu ,AZ
Arizona Basenjis

howdy i have had two Basenji's over the last 28 years,
Bob left me after 8 yrs with Fanconi.:(

Pete made it 17 years !!:rolleyes:
red and white.

maybe i'll get a photo on here of him soon.

Great to see all of you Basenji lovers!:D


duh that's Pete in my avatar! his last 2 years.

Arizona Basenjis

Bob came from east bay,San Francisco.

Pete came From ;
Ken And Marilyn Leighton- Zuri đŸ™‚
in Pleasanton Calif.

Welcome. I was lucky enough to meet the Leightons in Wa state at the EBC specality.
Lovely folks with wonderful dogs. Ken will be missed I know.
Glad you found us.

Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Bob to Fanconi. Are considering getting another one?

Glad to have you aboard with all of us basenji lovers. It's such an enjoyable place to be - lots of good information and basenji-loving talk.


Welcome MrGAS..nice to have you onboard..
So sorry to hear about your losses, it never gets easier.

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