• Haven't posted here for a while as my wife and I have been traveling a lot. Fortunately, not at the same time so one of us could spend time with Leo.

    Well…at the end of Feb we drove to Buffalo and I went to the Toronto airport to pick up Cali. She is the newest addition to our family. 11 weeks old then. Dark brindle.

    We also transported a litter mate named Kenny.

    Leo came with us and was a bit non-plussed at first.

    After the drive back to NJ we introduced Cali to her new home.

    She seemed to adapt quickly

    Like all puppies she is a bundle of energy and then bonks.

    It took about 3 days for Leo to really decide that he was going to do more than tolerate her.

    Of course she thinks Leo is the Bee's Knees and he is doing a wonderful job of letting her do her puppy thing without going too far.

    You'll notice that most of the shots are at rest

    That's because their favorite game is to go out back and run back and forth across the hill in our backyard at full speed. Or to get the 9 pm crazies! I'd forgotten about those.

    Having the time of our life!

  • hi Proteinman - great pictures of your new puppy Cali blending in with the rest of the family. She looks supercute. It's great to hear when the more senior dog in the family accepts the little ones - love the picture of Leo licking Cali.

    Congratulations on your basenji-enhanced family!

  • Aaah.. She's very cute! Congrats! And a big 'welcome to the forum' for Cali 🙂

  • Very cute, who did she come from? Related to any here already?

  • Cali is a littermate of Tenji. Her full name is Beaubri's Devine Diva. Sire is Beaubri's Diamond In The Ruff and Dam is Beaubri N Terrarust Bellagio.

    We took a walk/hike today. Working on that leash training!

  • First Basenji's

    "Basenji-enhanced." I like that, Kipawa. 🙂

    Congratulations on the additional cuddlebug.

  • Congratulations on your new Puppy, she's lovely, i like the pics of her and Leo together.

  • Congratulations to Leo and humans! Love the photos of them together. Soon your shoes and furniture may be "basenji-enhanced" as well.

  • She looks lovely and seems to be getting on great with Leo:D

  • Adorable pup! Great to see everyone getting along well 🙂

  • Nice to see Leo accepts Cali! I like the darker brindle color.

    And of course this would be Cali's older…or younger..brother Tenji.

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