Chaos Trio: two basenjis and a giant

Find the Basenji:

Goof dog!

Kahlos is watching the view, tric wants to join


1… 2....



Yep, elegant and ladylike - as always…

The Trio of Chaos

"Hmm - there is something big and black lying here - its probably dead."

"UH! It's alive!"

Pretend to be dead and wait for a new victim:

"UH! It's alive!"

Goofy? nevah!


The boys have to talk about a thing or two

Violence is the solution to everything:

My pressious!

Kasko doing the B500

Tric is just embaressed.. B500 should only be done indoors!

"No more snow - time to go home"

Great pics. It looks you have a lot of fun with these three at home :D.

Great photos, what fun they had!

looks like you got 3 dogs to me.
nice pics.

Thank you for sharing the pictures. Great pictures they all look so happy and good together. I love the coat were did you find it at?

Rita Jean

Great pics!!! Love the one with the three of them sniffing together! They look like a great pack 😉 😃

@Rita Jean: I think the coat is from Hurtta, they are very nice, with a good fit 🙂

Thank you guys. 🙂

The coat is from Hurtta as janneke said. Very happy with it. 🙂 Kasko is growing out of everythin SO fast.

And he is leaving on friday or saturday… Im not looking forward to giving him up, but it will be nice only have one puppy again.

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