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    Our vet told us we should treat Faro with Advantix??? for heart-worms, flea and tick prevention. Then he said that some dog breeds actually have been known to have seizures from this treatment. We immediately said let us talk to you here on the forum before we made any kind of decision about it. He got huffy with us about it but could not tell us that Faro would not suffer from seizures after the treatment.:mad: He could not even tell us that he had previously treated any basenji with it before.:eek: Obviously we need a new vet! One with experience with bansenjis but we are worried about the possibility of Faro getting heart worms. What do you suggest?

    Does anyone here use this treatment? Do you know of a better one? What are your suggestions for questions to ask of a vet to make sure he has experience before we change to someone else? I am sure this man is fine for a run of the mill dog like a lab or poodle but he clearly lacks experience with basenjis and I lack experience as well. I don't want Faro to be treated by someone who not only doesn't know the breed well, but also clearly is not interested enough to do any research at all. Faro will not be some vets experimental case to see "how well a basenji" can do on any given treatment.

    OK sorry to rant. Just worried about doing the wrong thing for the health of my new baby. :o

  • I use Interceptor for heartworm preventative for my 3. Always be sure to have the heartworm test done before starting heartworm preventative. Usually it is a special order as my vet normally carries advantix and heartgard.

    There have been members on here that have had issues with their dogs and advantix - bdawg comes to mind as her girl Lexi had a bad reaction (kicking like a mule, etc.) with it. If you do a search on here on advantix, I'm sure it will give some pause for thought.

    For ticks, I have my 3 tested for Lymes every year - and don't use topical. My vet said they have many cases of dogs with Lymes disease that are on topical and that the best thing I can do is do a body check on them after taking them for walks, so that is what I do. They know I'm kind of anti medication, anti vaccine, so they never push me to use something when there is another alternative.

  • Houston

    I use heartguard, or should I say the Ivermectin liquid, much cheaper and is the same exact thing that is in heartguard for heartworms, and I use Comfortis for fleas.
    Here in TX just about all topical flea preventives have gotten useless, so we had to move on to the comfortis.
    Yes, if my vet said.."it has been known to make some dogs ill, let's put your dog on it"…I would look else where for my vet expertise.

  • I use the Ivermectin liquid at the advise of two long time basenji breeders.

  • Advantix does not take care of heartworms. It is only a flea and tick repellent. Frontline works the same way.

    About K9 Advantix
    K9 Advantix? offers 5-way protection. The one that repels and kills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes also repels biting flies and kills chewing lice, providing protection from more pests than other topical products.
    Does your dog love the water? No problem! K9 Advantix? is waterproof. Studies have shown your dog will still be protected after exposure to water (i.e., bathing, swimming or rain). For optimum results, use a non-detergent shampoo when bathing your dog


    As far as others you can use that I know of in Texas for heartworms. There is Heartguard this is one of the oldest ways of prevention and seems to be plenty effective as long as you dont skip more than 3 monthly doses your dog should be protected (this is true for most prevention). But heartguard is labeled as Ivermectin. I know we use the liquid ivermectin on our bunnies so i wouldnt see why it would be a problem for dogs? i would ask a trusted professional for their opinion.

    Heres a little about sentinel

    What is Sentinel?
    Sentinel Flavor Tabs kill the immature form of the heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis). They also control adult hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum), and remove and control roundworms (ascarids - Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina) and whipworms (Trichuris vulpis). In addition, Sentinel Flavor Tabs break the flea life cycle

    Sentinel as far as fleas only sterilizes the adults it does not kill them


    Luckily, it's simple to protect your dog from internal parasites with INTERCEPTOR? (milbemycin oxime) Flavor Tabs?. INTERCEPTOR Flavor Tabs are the only oral monthly preventive that protects against four parasites all at once. INTERCEPTOR Flavor Tabs prevents deadly heartworm disease, while it protects your dog against adult roundworms (Toxocara canis,Toxascaris leonina), adult hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum) and whipworms (Trichuris vulpis).


    At our other clinic my doctor recommends Iverhart

    For years, dog owners have protected their pets from heartworms, roundworms and hookworms with IVERHART PLUS? (ivermectin/pyrantel). Now, IVERHART MAX? (ivermectin/pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel) takes this powerful, proven treatment to the next level to give your pet the most complete protection available against heartworms and roundworms, hookworms, and now, tapeworms. IVERHART MAX? is formulated with the trusted actives veterinarians have prescribed for years in one convenient chewable tablet.


    Some combination preventions (take care of fleas and heartworms such as sentinel) would be off the top of my head…Advantage multi, and Revolution(more common for cats)

    Symptoms of reactions I have seen:
    hairloss, vomiting, skin irritation and usually these are fixed by switching preventions

    Overdose symptoms have been known to cause

    vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures, and respiratory problems

    Sorry for all the reading. And there may have been things I forgot (like Pro-meris) but I hope it helps

    ALSO: dogs should be heartworm tested before they are put on any type of Heartworm Prevention as this can create problems for your pup. As far as ticks, There is also a lyme vaccine that can be given to your animal for disease control.

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