• We just gave our two basneji's Advantix, which we give them every summer and almost immediately the one started biting and licking his back paw and biting at his pad. He will then kick his back leg out like a donkey like it really is bothering him. We bathed him the next day (today) and have given him Benidryl and I am hoping it starts to work but he is currently still licking. HELP!!!:( 😕 It seems to be making him miserable!!

  • I know another member on here had a problem with Advantix - BDawg. If you do a search on "Advantix" you might be able to find the thread. There have been neurological issues that have happened as a result of using Advantix…as well, plenty of people have used it on their dogs with no problem. If you do a google search, I'm sure you'll find more information.

    If it were me, I'd take the dog to the vet.

  • One of mine had a bit of a reaction to Advantix when I lived in Germany, my vet didn't stock my usual Frontline. He started to shake his head and scratch at his neck so I washed the area as much as I could and took him back to the vets buck luckily he recovered no problem. I ordered Frontline off the internet after that.

  • I can't use anything on one of my B's. She starts scratching immediately and doesn't stop. After one bad experience, I don't use it on most of my dogs. I do use it on my heelerx because she has long white hair which I shave, but basically, she's the only one that can tolerate anything.

  • Ahhh!! Yes, mine had a reaction to Advantix– exactly as you are describing. I don't know if my previous thread on it got erased, but I can't find it anymore on here.

    My dog immediately started having issues with her back legs. She'd donkey kick for no reason-- and it was violent and it'd even scare her. We washed her with dish soap to get it off her coat/skin as much as we could. I did a google search for Advantix reactions and found a multitude of other owners who experienced the same issues-- some whose dogs never went back to normal!!

    I have since sworn it off. Sorry... Ticks or not-- she's already shown she has a sensitivity to the product and I'm not taking any chances!!

    I hope yours improve!! Keep us posted!

  • I'm too hesitant to try any of the chemical drops with the bad reactions I've seen.

  • I at least found the weblinks that show others who have had negative outcomes with the use of K9 Advantix.

  • @nobarkus:

    I'm too hesitant to try any of the chemical drops with the bad reactions I've seen.

    Well, actually my vet recommends against topical for my basenji kids. They said that they have plenty of dogs in their practice that got Lyme while on topical. The best line of defense is to look my kids over after they have been outside. I too have heard too many horror stories and I don't want pesticides on my bedding or furniture. Granted I have it somewhat easier as my kids are 2 red & whites and one red brindle…black, dark brindle or tri would be harder to find a tick on.

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