B lost, Wa state, kirkland/bellevue area

  • I forwaded this info to all my friends who live on the Eastside.

    I hope they find her today!!!! What color is she???

  • Red and white

  • Thanks for posting the color. I just got home from work and got this post.

  • Please tell me they found her!!! It's is a grey wet day today…..

  • Houston

    oh no..I hope they get her back before she gets hurt..poor, scared little girl..
    Keep us updated, please.

  • THEY FOUND HER........
    A gentleman saw her in the middle of Lake Washington Blvd on Tuesday afternoon. He didn't want her to get hit, so chased her a short ways before enticing her into his car with his lunch of Chicken McNuggets. He called us when he found our phone number on one of the fliers this afternoon. So she was actually loose only about 6 hours. She's unhurt and completely fine!
    That's pretty amazing since we've been able to establish that she crisscrossed Kirkland at least 3 times while she was out. She actually got onto southbound I-405 at NE 85th St and was running across all lanes of traffic before some kind people stopped and shooshed her down the off-ramp at 70th Pl NE. She was also responsible for stopping traffic at the intersection at the end of the ramp as well as in front of Northwest University (twice) and Lake Washington Blvd (also twice).

  • I can't tell you how happy I am right now!!!!!:):)

    I have been talking to all my Bellevue/Kirkland friends to be on the lookout and to tell their friends too!!!

    My heart is happy.:D:D:D:D:D

    Thank you sending this wonderful update Sharron!!!!

  • WHAT basenji can ignore a chicken nugget???
    Yes, this is wonderful news, and heaven was watching out for this girl, in her travels.
    Those are very busy roads.

  • Houston

    ooohh, what happy news.. I am so happy she is off the streets and safe again..bless him for getting her..
    Thanks for letting us know.
    I will hug Otis, Moses, Luna and Gus extra hard and thank my stars they are safe.

  • It sure can happen to any of us.
    I am glad this was a happy ending.

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