• Thanks for your responses. I did check with the breeder on the health. She said this pup was a F carrier. But that was ok since I don't intend to breed her. I will check the OFFA website as well.

    I live in Charlotte and I thought there should be a breeders nearby but I didn't know where to look. Thanks for the suggestions I will look there before making this purchase.

  • Most quality breeders don't fly b's to homes/folks they don't know.
    At least, this is what I understand.
    Sorry, I should have said welcome first. We have a lot of folks who will be here to help you with any issues you have re your basenji puppy.

  • If you don't mind sharing, who is the pups breeder? And it is always recommended that you verify health records yourself. Just a good all around practice. And there are a number of responsible breeders in and around your area. Go to the link provided by lvoss. Of course it may be that they don't have any puppies still available, from this past year's breedings, however as they say, all good things come to those who wait….

  • Hi Jerry,
    welcome to the forum. Hope everything checks out ok with your Pup.

  • Tanza, the breeder is Wybark Kennel out of Kansas. Checking the link for local breeders. Thank you.

  • @Jerry:

    Tanza, the breeder is Wybark Kennel out of Kansas. Checking the link for local breeders. Thank you.


    Just my 2 cents regarding my latest two puppies…I really like having a puppy from a breeder that is reasonably local (mine is within 4 h) and one that very interested in keeping touch with you and how you are doing with your pup (obviously don't have to be local for this). It is comforting that if you have any questions or concerns, you know you can always go to the breeder for help.

  • Welcome to the forum Jerry! I second Nemo's comment that it's wonderful to have your breeder be a resource for years to come. The other criteria about breeders that I find incredibly important is whether or not they will take the dog back, no questions asked. If yes, they have not contributed to the numbers of dogs in rescue. If no, they probably have. There's an element of risk for breeders who take their dogs back (read: responsible breeders). They screen the potential homes because they would rather not have this dog returned to them a year down the road. They want to be sure they made a good decision the first time around and they obviously want that pup to be healthy, happy and well adjusted. I'm not saying you're one of the people who would want to take the dog back. But you would be supporting a breeder who doesnt offer that option to anyone. Now I don't know how how much this breeder has screened you, but the fact that the breeder is willing to put this puppy on a plane without having met you suggests that his/her responsibility ends at the airport and when money changes hands.
    Have you considered the cost of shipping the puppy and how much gas that money could buy? Because my bet is that it would extend your search area significantly. And then you are able to meet the breeder and the breeder's pack of B's and see how they live.

  • Another thing to add to everyone's posts is that you cannot do a straight comparison on price when buying a puppy. You need to talk to the breeder about what all that price includes.

    For an idea of the expenses that go into a responsibly bred litter, you can check out this thread, http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=4429

  • Thanks for taking the time to explain things. You've given me a different way to view it. In all fairness to this shipping breeder, we did speak several times and I asked lots of questions, maybe she took that as confirmation of my seriousness to make the right decision regarding a basenji.

    She also provided a contract stipulating for any reason "if Purchaser can not provide the dog with a safe and reasonable home, Purchaser will provide Seller with a right of first refusal to retake the dog." So that's a positive.

    I'm still looking for a breeder nearby that has pups available. Seems like all local pups have been taken. I guess it's late in the season to pick a pup. Starting to expand my search.

    Thanks for the welcome and timely advice.

  • Another point, just because people say "first right of refusal" doesn't mean that they will take the puppy back. My contract says "If for any reason Buyer needs to give up this Basenjis, it will be returned to the Breeder"

  • Jerry -welcome to the forum from the UK.
    Please take the advice that the established breeders have given. I personally wouldn't buy a Basenji with parents unseen -also there are so many advantages of having a breeder not too far away.

    From the breeding side, I would never sell a puppy to someone I hadn't met personally - not to say they wouldn't be very nice, genuine people who would provide an excellent home but how could one tell?

  • Have you considered a young adult instead of a puppy? From my perspective a 12-18 month old is a lot easier to care for and more fun than a gnawing little puppy. A lot of reputable breeders place their finished champions at these ages and they tend to be a lot more settled and outgoing from having been in the show ring. I know several breeders who have pups in that age group or know of dogs available if you email me offline.

  • Jerry, you have a lot of great info here..Glad you found the forum.

  • Yes lots of great info. Hopefully, it can benefit others in my situation that read this thread. Quite frankly, I got more advice than expected. It's good to see there are so many people that are dedicated to the success of this breed.

  • Jerry, you got a lot of advice because, I feel we want you to have the best bred puppy you can find. Why pay for a dog who might not have all the testing done that the quality breeders do? Also, we want you to find the right dog for you, and working with a good breeder or with rescue, you have a friend you can call on anytime to help you, with any issues you or your basenji have.
    Honestly, we are really trying to be helpful. LAUGH, but I guess we just get carried away.
    Hope you see it like this…

  • Sharon, I take it in the spirit of Basenji love. I'm sure after going through my experience here I will be a better care giver of the right one for me.

    lisastewart, thanks for the suggestion of an older dog but I look forward to growing with my companion from their puppy stage.

  • @Jerry:

    Sharon, I take it in the spirit of Basenji love. I'm sure after going through my experience here I will be a better care giver of the right one for me.

    lisastewart, thanks for the suggestion of an older dog but I look forward to growing with my companion from their puppy stage.

    LOL, some of us just have that want of feeling those lovely (not) puppy shark teeth!!!!

  • Thanks Jerry, glad you see we are just wanting to help you.
    WHAT do you need from us??

  • Sharron, I was initially concerned about buying a pup from a breeder online without meeting them or the pup first. Thanks to the responses of this forum, I learned a lot in a short time about the importance of choosing a good breeder nearby. I'm finding local picking slim now, I may just have to wait for next season.. Thanks J.

  • I just do rescue, but I have folks who contact me and want to know who the good breeders are. I have an unmet friend, coming down from BC to a dog show in Seattle, so we can meet and I can introduce her to folks I know who have lovely dogs and are a great support system. She is looking for a long term relationship with the breeder she gets her basenji from. It does take time, and its worth the effort to find a basenji club and go visit. Go to dog shows and after the b's show, talk to the breeders. Contact the rescue folks in your area, believe me, THEY know who to run toward and who to run away from… It does take time...but its so, so worth the homework.

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