New Member, have question about yard

I know this may sound silly but I recently fenced in my backyard. It is about 67 feet deep and 110 feet wide. It is a nice big space and has just the usual back yard stuff, small patio, a small storage house, some plants, trees etc.

Is there anything special I can add to the yard to make it more fun for my B mix? Right now he loves zooming around and that is great but do Basenjis need more? and if so what.

I hope this makes sense it is very late (or early, depending on how you look at it)


I like to add some stone paths in the yard for them to walk around on those "wet" days. They seem to not mind a wet stone as much as wet grass.

They love sand…....a sand box of some type.

squirrel feeder

some kind of perch next to your house so that they can look over the fence, and have a "high" place to sun worship


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