• We are drawing up a list of words to use when training Malaika, so the whole family are saying the same thing.
    I could do with some clarification between the use of the words No and Leave it.

  • I use 'Leave it' when trying to teach food manners. This can be really useful when out walking when you come across a dead something or a chip wrapper etc. The word 'No' is used in my house when one B maybe growls at another in jealousy, or tries to mount my arm or just something they're not supposed to be doing.

    Hope this makes sense.

    One thing I have found is that there are no hard and fast rules. But you have the right idea by getting everyone in the house using the same commands. I have one of my puppies where everyone in the house has a clicker and each are trained how to use it on the pup.

  • Thanks Victoria, we just want to get it right.
    Just worked out it's abour 18 years since i had a Puppy.
    If she gets a bit much for the Cats, i'm saying No, then reinforcing with leave it.
    She's doing brilliantly realy, just working on her being happy with us at the moment.

  • Why don't you enrol her in puppy classes? The trainers will be able to help you with commands and all the family should be able to attend too. 🙂

  • We are definately going to take her to a Puppy training class, haven't managed to find one yet, two people have said they would contact me with numbers and haven't done.
    She is the first Dog me and Howard have chosen together so it will be fun.

  • Scroll down to the second entry in this blog for a good article about the word No, http://ucladogs.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=recent

  • What an interesting article - I must say I do use 'No' but in future will think first before I say it!

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