Basenji in an eBay ad

I'm half embarassed to admit this (although I'm sure some of you will understand), but I was looking for Burberry dog coats and martingale collars on eBay, and found this cute coat. The thing that makes it worth posting, though, is the breed of dog they chose to show how to measure your dog for a proper fit…*F%3F&GUID=e1f578331250a0b58432fea2ff564557&itemid=250581384611&ff4=263602_263622

You really scared me. From just reading the title, I was expecting to see a basenji for sale. I am so happy to see it's just for measuring out a coat for the dogs.

Same with me. I was shuddering, thinking a beloved basenji was being sold on eBay. But nice to see someone is using the basenji very inventively!

Ouch sorry didn't think about the way the title looked!! Yikes that is a REALLY scary thought!

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