Take your daughter(s) to work day?

We came back to Atlanta for the weekend for some lure coursing, and we had a couple spare hours before meeting up with MauiGirl for a basenji playdate.
I brought my computer, and ducked into my dad's office for a bit to steal some internet and check my e-mail. Since he's currently out of town, the girls thought they'd help me catch up on some of his work for him.
In the first picture, they keep my lap warm while I look through his work.
In the second picture, Callie acts as paperweight as Lola looks over some blueprints.


Great pictures..I love brindles and two brindle girls…wow.

Looks like the girls took their time at work seriously 😃

First Basenji's

Awe! That's a great family picture 🙂 !
It sure looks like they are working hard!

Monday morning. "what are these paw prints all over these architect plans"??


Monday morning. "what are these paw prints all over these architect plans"??

That's EXACTLY what we said!?!?
Actually, I believe the phrase I used went something like "Why have my blueprints turned into pawprints?"
(MauiGirl works for him heehee…. the two of us crazy basenji friends let loose in his office.... yikes! He had a shot of Callie coursing as his desktop for a week or so until MauiGirl changed it for him because he doesn't know how 😉 )

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