Can Dogs Appreciate Beauty?

It sure seems like Paco does! Here he is admiring the view from our balcony…

Oh my, what a beautiful view. I'm sooo jealous :D, when I look out from the window I only see a snowbroth, ggggg :mad:.

:eek: What a beautiful view….. I'm jealous!! Do you have a guest room......?! 😃

First Basenji's

Wow… That's gorgeous!

Which island do you live on? My best friend's dad was from the Virgin Islands, and she has invited me to go with her the last few years; she goes twice a year to visit her family on St. Thomas. Unfortunately, it's always when I have exams or something work-related that I can't get out of. Although that view is definitely incentive to go next time I get invited!

He's probably watching the geckos run around beneath you. 🙂

He's probably thinking "now if i could just get myself down there i would run like the wind !" 😃

My B's (and me) definitely would! When can we come to you? 😃
Wow… :eek:

When we cruised through the eastern Caribbean with a ship in 2006/07 we were at the Virgin Islands for one day. Stopped in Tortola and travelled to Virgin Gorda.
Memories... :o

I'm officially jealous, too :p

Love that view!!! Lucky Paco!!!

I have been sailing in the USVI & BVI too many times to count. :D:D:D Typically we bareboat with the Moorings out of Tortolla. 2 years ago, the day I got back from the BVI, my 5yo b-boy, Brando joined our family. 😃

Wow! I want to come and live with you!!

And basenjis can definately appreciate beauty, Maya spends ages looking at herself in the mirror 😃

WOW that is dazzling. Yes b's appreciate it and SO DO humans. 🙂


Maya spends ages looking at herself in the mirror 😃

LOL. Good one.


I know; coming home to that view makes me feel better no matter what my day has been like.

I actually am on St. Thomas, and my mother rents a house near us and gives special deals for friends of family…so if anyone wants to plan a trip, just let me know! 🙂

I know for sure that he was watching lizards, lol; he's been hunting them since he got here. I'd probably never see him again if he got away into all that bush!


LOL. Good one.

Agreed! 😃 Maya's gorgeous 😉


LOL. Good one.

X2! Love it!

It would be hard not to appreciate that view! Hubby is headed in that direction - BVI tomorrow. Sort of like a vaccation for both of us. While I love my hubby, I also enjoy my alone time. But it's nice to know that if I ever manage to get there, I know where to get my basenji-fix.

Awesome photos! Looks like paradise- lucky dog is right where I would be too!

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