Enjoying the sun

As it looked this way during the last couple of weeks…

… the B's enjoyed the sun today so much more 😃

Happy Zuri :o

Thabo dreaming and enjoying…

… a lot 😃

Catching as much sun as she can :p

Little princess

Loooooong girl

Falling asleep

But they say, that winter and snow will come back 😞

Looks like they have the perfect spot to lay in the sun. 😃

Fabulous, how nice to see them catching the rays, love the one of Thabo sprawled on his back 😃

What great pictures of the B's they really look happy inside away from that snow.

Rita Jean

Great pics! Love the one of Thabo on his back 😃
Tillo and Lycia are jealous.. No sun here 😞

Thank you! 😃 Yes - I also like the one of Thabo on his back most.

They love to lie on that place - watching people and dogs outside on the street. We have sun (when it appears) all day long in our livingroom. Perfect for Basenjis 😉

They don't have to be jealous.
The sun was gone one hour later… :rolleyes:

Good thing they grabbed all the sun while it was there! Great photos of pretty dogs.

Oh wouldn't a little sun on your tummy feel nice right now? I can't remember when I've seen the sun last!

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