• Please can any tell me why some Visitor messages sent by myself say "This message is moderated "
    I have to say it makes me a little uncomfortable to not know the reason why and wonder if any forum members can help me.

  • There are no personal messages on this forum or I should say no private messages, all messages are moderated I believe when you put a message in the visitors messages

  • Pat,
    thanks for your reply. I did mean to say visitor messages and i know they're not private.
    I have posted quite a few visitor messages since joining the forum and only two have had the words "This message is moderated" The two messages have since disopeared ?
    Neither of the messages were controversial or anything like that.

  • :o Right i've figured it out . You were correct Pat all messages are moderated and the words "this message is moderated disapears once the reciever has clicked approve message. I was feeling a bit freaked out, like i'd done something wrong 😃

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