I really love this puppy. I tried hard to resist his charm but I lost the battle. Meet Rainie. His name will either be Sherwood's Rainy Night In Georgia or Sherwood's I Love A Rainy Night.

Ooooohhhh, he is so cute! How does anyone ever win a battle against falling in love with a basenji puppy?????

Hello Rainie.. welcome to the forum! 🙂 What a handsome little tri!

The only reason I 'win the battle' against falling in love with a B-puppy… is that BF keeps telling me to wait.. :rolleyes:

He's really cute. Can't wait to see him in person. I like the second name a lot. Very catchy.

Gorgeous little Rainie

Gorgeous! Sherwood's Rainy Night In Georgia… it fits him. Love it, love it, love it!

ARGH!!!!!!!! I can't believe I had to find this out via forum!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANTED RAINIE!!!! I was desperately struggling to figure out how I could fit him into my new purse… I mean.... life! The girls would LOVE him!!!! I can't believe I can't have him now!
I'm so glad you're keeping him!!! YAY! I KNEW you would give in!!!!!

He is really nice. Love that butt shelf, and topline!

Rainie is a beautiful pup! I like the Rainy Night in Georgia name best….

No, you can't win Robyn. He's got you under his spell. What a little doll!

He's so cute! Love the shape of his head.


Welcome Rainie..you are one gorgeous little tri..

He is exactly what I wanted in my next puppy. Bold, intelligent, confident, happy, friendly, and eager to please. He is a show prospect and has expressed an interest in lure coursing. I have already signed him up for show handling classes and I'm looking into puppy training classes too. I'm going to have fun with this litle man. 🙂

What a beautiful tri!

I am a fan of Eddie Rabbit, so I am all about "Sherwood's I Love a Rainy Night".
I'm going to be running around the house singing it all day. It's so happy.

"Rainy Night in Georgia" is a sad song, and not as catchy, although I really like Ray Charles' version.



I like the name Rainy Night In Georgia because it is so descriptive of my theme but I do not like the song at all. The song I Love A Rainy Night is upbeat and fun to sing along with.

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