B/w boy in Montana needs a home

  • http://www.basenjirescue.org/DOGS/MT/MT-Mikey.asp

    He is posted on the BRAT site above.

  • Hope he finds a home soon….

    But you know, I really dislike it when a Basenjis hackles are discussed and it is said they
    "are known to raise hackles when nervous. A Basenji will raise hackles when excited, happy, nervous, unhappy, etc... it is not a sign of their temperament... at least not in my opinion. My Kristii still at age 15+ will raise her hackles whenever I come home from being out... with her tail wagging

  • Great information. Very thorough. Wish more rescues would use this format.

  • Pat, this boy seems sweet. BUT we have not had him in a home yet, other than the home that dumped him. We are trying to be as honest as possible for folks who might like to look at him. I agree that my 2 b's raise hackles for a lot of reasons…right now, this poor guy, has only raised them in the kennel.
    Sigh. This is the hardest part of rescue. NOT being able to take every dog into a basenji smart home and making sure YOUR right when you write up something...
    Darn it, we just need more foster homes, and until that happens, these poor dogs will be in kennels..until placed.
    THANK heavens for BRAT, so they are just not turned out or dumped to anyone.
    Sigh. Sorry, long day and this guy just really tugs at my heart.

  • AJ rarely raises his stripe unless he sees another dog. It doesn't necessarily mean he is aggressive, but I do feel his nervousness about meeting other dogs. After he's around them for a while, he's okay. I believe this comes from having to continually maintain his pack order when he lived with five other dogs.

  • My 2 b's raise thier strip when they see a plastic bag in the middle of the road, or something, out of place… I agree its not anywhere near aggressive.
    More like concerned. IMO

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