• Hello everyone,
    My name is Dee and I'm beginning the first phase of choosing my next doggy…research. On January 4th, my beloved Boxer, Bricks died just a month and a half shy of his 11th birthday. I got him at 7 weeks and he was my baby. While I would love to get another Boxer, I've decided a smaller breed would be a better decision since they are easier to travel with and carry if need be. I'm not really a small dog person though but the Basenji doesn't have the traits that I don't like about small dogs - yappiness and an often long/demanding coat. I love the look of the Basenji so am now setting out to determine if the rest of the dog will be a good match for me. I am moving to Atlanta where I will be living in a single-family home with a small fenced-in yard. I have no children, but there will be children visiting. As I said, I've just begun my homework, so I have a lot of reading to do...off I go! I look forward to input from experienced Basenji folks.


  • Welcome to the forum Dee. Sorry for your loss of Bricks. Do your homework carefully. No barking does not necessarily mean quiet. They can whimper, cry and sometimes scream. They are escape artists so that small fenced in yard will have to be escape proof. They can go over fences or dig underneath. They are high energy too. A 10 or 15 minute walk isn't going to get it. Anyway check all the threads as there's a lot here.

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum Dee, glad you have you here.
    I am sorry to hear about your beloved Bricks, he sure was pretty.
    You are doing a great thing researching well before you dive in and aquire a new love..
    Yes, non barking is great, mine doesn't even yodel so he is very quiet, BUT he makes up for that in other traits, like counter surfing, stealing anything paper or plastic, he loves to play on the bed much to my husbands chagrin, and he is aloof when he sees fit, which might throw some people off, I know it and it doesn't bother me…other than that, he is a gem, in the rough...
    Good luck in finding your new love.
    ps..There are several members in the Atlanta area, should you want some advice about the area, like dogparks, good vets etc..

  • Welcome to the forum Dee, i am very sorry to hear of your loss of Bricks. He looks like he was a realy nice Dog.

  • Well, I'm already having second thoughts after reading that these guys love to escape! I don't know exactly how dog-proof the fence is and my BF likes dogs, but he doesn't exactly love them so I need a dog that won't get on his nerves too much. I'm reading about other breeds too including the French Bulldog, Dandie Dinmont and Papillon. Whenever I see those dogs in the dog shows I always coo over them, along with the Basenji. I've had dogs(and cats, guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, etc. etc. lol) all my life and take it very seriously. This will not be an "impulse buy" by any means. I would prefer to rescue a dog so the availability of a suitable dog available for adoption will come into play also. None the less, this is a very interesting breed and so darned handsome. I prefer boy dogs, they always seem sillier and more laid back in my experience. 🙂

  • A rescue would be a very good choice. You can adopt a mature one like 5 years or older that's more settled down. I have a breeder friend that was looking for a home for a very well behaved Basenji named Bricque. He's 10 and he's at Medfly Brigade Basenji rescue in CA. I know that's way too far away. I know Basenji people on the East Coast that may know of a good mature rescue.

  • Benjii is looking for a home in Texas…:o

  • Well, I probably won't get a dog until summertime, once I'm all settled in. Whatever breed I decide on, my first choice will be adoption.

  • You might also want to visit some breeders in your area and talk with them about the breed. You'll be able to see how the dogs interact and get a better impression of the breed personality that way, even though you won't necessarily buy from a breeder.

    All of us on the forum absolutely are devoted to our dogs, we love their antics and their ability to figure things out (like how to get out of an enclosure) and their hunting prowess, etc. But they are independent-minded little beasties and can be frustrating to someone who is expecting a nice little lap dog companion. Check out the story about the dogs travelling to a show in Australia, "Our expensive trip away" in the story swap column on this forum.

    Once you decide the basenji is for you, be prepared to laugh and cry and swear (once in awhile) and have your heart stolen.

  • You are doing the right thing by carefuly considering all breeds Dee. As Wizard says we are all devoted and believe me you need to be. Basenjis are wonderful and we are shortly going to get our second one. I have to say when i got my first one i had no idea what i was getting into despite reading dog breed books, no forum then.
    I can say that my parents have had 3 Papillons and found them to be easy to manage once the puppy stage has passed and very intelligent.
    I'm sure you will find the right breed for you, be it a Basenji or another breed

  • Smiling at "i had no idea what i was getting into despite reading dog breed books" Like when Boxer books tell you they are high energy. You don't necessarily translate that into jumping shoulder height, doing backflips and 360 spins over and over and over and….hahaha
    I don't think the Basenji is the right choice this time around. I know I'm not goin' for many walks in those Georgia summers! I am going to try to meet some Basenjis though, I've never seen one in real life, only on TV. (Like those giant checks gameshows give away lol)

  • I love Frenchies… they are great little dogs. Of course with the "pushed" in snout, they can be noisey breathers....

    And yes, you should try and meet Basenjis, always recommended ... before committing to a puppy or adult....

  • Welcome Dee and thank you so much for reading and looking and most of all asking questions before getting a Basenji. So sad people get a dog or animal cannot handle it or it's not what they really wanted. Please stay with all of us with what ever your puppy maybe and tell us all about it and post pictures. I do wish the best of good luck.

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks everyone. Yes, those smushed lil faces do make for noisy sleeping companions. I used to nudge Bricks all the time cuz his snoring would wake me. lol Right now, the Papillon is at the top of my short list but that's subject to change. I tend to obsess over decisions like this. 🙂 I enjoy the learning process though, and I absolutely love doggies!!

  • Sorry to hear about Bricks. Our last Basenji ( Marley ) had a "boyfriend" named K.O. who was a boxer. Good luck in your search and stick around no matter which pooch you decide on.

  • The choice is most certainly yours. And thank you for your interest in our breed. And now you may be able to educate others about the breed we care for.

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