Over we go

What happens when you have a 2 foot snow drift, a 15 inch bgirl(Kitkat) with a five foot fence when there is a bunny in there area. Up and over.:eek: It happened at night so the rest of the night they had to be leashed. The next day we took care of there emergncy exit.:D

What I see nothing wrong here

no stop

I can help

Look Eli, dad made us a race track

really, cool

have you seen are summer place

They had a blast outside helping.:) It is funny to watch them run in and out of there house, making sure no one else has moved in. After they came in they where ready for a nap.

Oh, my it looks so very cold there!

It's warmer know than it has been. It almost seemed like a heat wave. The pups did have a good time out there. They haven't been able to go out and play for about 1 to 2 weeks with the cold weather we had. We like this alot better to.

I like the pictures very cute.

Rita Jean

Great pics, thanks for sharing


Great pictures..I love b's in snow..such contrast…great look.

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