• Does you basenji eat his food in one place and then pick up his food and take it to another room?

    My two dogs eat at their food dish. I also have their bowls sitting on a large tray; however, I always find food in the living room and all over the kitchen. It's like they take their food to go.

    I'm constantly sweeping up kibble all over the house. Does your basenji do the same?


  • Jazzy just eats at her bowl. She eats it too quickly to worry about carrying it around. LOL The speed of her eating is also evidenced in the daily "burp" following dinner – too much air intake while eating. {she's a classy gal that way}

    When she has a rawhide or a peanut butter stuffed bone she will usually lay on her blanket with it, but will occasionally take it into our computer room

  • Candle frequently picks out the first 2 or 3 pieces of kibble and places them next to the bowl. She then eats the food in the bowl. I wonder if she is making an offering to the
    doggie food-god. She then methodically and slowly picks up and eats one kibble piece at a time.

    Zorro just puts his head in the bowl and doesn’t come up for air until the bowl is empty. He always finishes eating his bowl first. If Candle pauses, Zorro will gently move in and eat the rest of Candle’s food.

    The bottom line is that there is too much competition to walk around the house with food.

  • @pelican:

    . The bottom line is that there is too much competition to walk around the house with food.

    That's true here too, I guess. Jazzy is in too big of a hurry to try and finish first so that she can try to get Gypsy's food from her!
    We have to feed them in separate areas to avoid problems. Jazzy used to eat a few bites of her food, then run to Gypsy's to try to get into that. We've been able to get her to stop that, but she still makes a mad dash over here as soon as her own bowl is empty. Gypsy eats equally quickly, though, and is always finished by then also.

    Even when they get a chew-treat of some sort, Jazzy will take hers and then run after Gypsy just to check and see that Gypsy's is the same thing before she can relax and go chew on her own.
    Crazy dog.

  • Our dogs eat in their crates…but I have noticed a clear difference in how they approach eating. Our dogs are from two different breeders, and there is virtually no genetic crossover in recent generations. The dogs from one breeder (who are closely related) eat very slowly, and methodically, sometimes they won't even finish their food....they are self regulators! Then the two from the other breeder inhale their food! And they would eat until they fell over if allowed. And one of those girls also burps heartily after she finishes her food...so ladylike!

    Andrea Walters
    Quercus Basenjis

    Toledo, Ohio

  • but always takes a few pieces out and lays them out for the carpet God.
    he used to have food issues,but is now nonchalant about his food.

  • When we first got Talker, he would eat in the kitchen. If we were in the living room watching TV, he would grab some food, come over to a point where he could see us, drop his food on the floor and eat from there. Then he would run back and grab some more. It was like he wanted to see what we were doing.

    Now both eat together and both eat the wet food on top and the nose off anything that is dry. Savannah pushes most of her food out of the bowl in search of anything wet. But one of them is walking around the house and dropping kibble all over the place. I've yet to find out who it is. Maybe it's still Talker who is doing this.

    You can't walk around barefoot in my house without stepping on dry kibble. Sometimes it hurts.:)

  • Abbey's not one to carry food away from the bowl but she gets distracted from eating if something's going on elsewhere in the house and she walks around smacking and chewing. Very annoying. I used to have a shitzu that would always take the first bite of food from the kitchen and lay it on the den carpet, then come back to eat the rest. My children used to call it the ceremonial bite.

  • My Hollie girl eats from the bowl sometimes and sometimes she takes a few minutes to another room. She constantly "hides" her dogfood, in corners, under a doormat, under my bed pillows, etc. I don't know if this is something that all basenjis do, or if it is because she had been a stray when I adopted her. Either way, she is certainly entertaining.

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