• this is called "what did the basenji destroy?"
    here is how you play
    get a basenji
    sit at the computer for 10ish mins reading the basenji forum
    get the camera and take a picture of what your basenji destroyed (as many of the remains as possible)
    post it here and let other members guess what the object was.

    i will start

  • Hahahah! This is a great game!
    I see Rawhide but I can't even guess what that furry thing was.
    Just look at that face…how could you even get mad at that!

  • lol, was it earmuffs??

    ETA: GREAT game idea!!!

  • I snorted and my co-workers are staring. I also am guessing ear muffs. My non B dog always gets a guilty look when she gets caught doing something like this. I love it that my B (and yours too it looks like) is just like "What could possibly be wrong with this?":D πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

  • It does sort of have an earmuff look about it. But it's hard to say.

    But come on. . how can you blame Fender for killing something so fuzzy? I bet he was protecting the rest of you from whatever the heck that thing was!

    Actually, I'm not even sure he did it. Look at that sweet, innocent face. Surely he just found it like that.

  • No, he's not denying it, he's just resting after the kill. The world is now safe from the dreaded and often dangerous Fuzzy Earmuff!

  • Yes, after looking again, that expression is more of a "yeah, what of it?" kind of look.
    He's so adorable!

  • you guys are good, it was earmuffs! lol, i am glad you got a kick out of it. i am sure he did not think he had done anything wrong. how could something so fun be wrong?

  • Let's play again… Who's got the next picture of a basenji destroyed SOMETHING?

  • This thread is too funny!! I couldn't find any pictures of Stormie destroying anything, but this is what Stormie can do if left to his own defenses for more than 5 minutes πŸ˜ƒ

  • lol, i think i know that game. hide and seek!

  • My two like to play flying space aliens …


    I guess I need to learn how to use the flash on my new camera! LOL!

  • Too funny! Quite the comedians, aren't they?

  • My guess, RWF, is that your B beheaded another B!!!! I think I'm right! Na na na na na! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Joey Q - I think you nailed it! πŸ˜ƒ I do believe Nik and Storm would do that to one another over the idea of a treat! πŸ˜‰

  • My B has destroyed so far to date my eye glasses, my husbands teeth that the cats knocked off the counter, my son's work boots and countless beanie babies from my collection. I can't keep rawhide bones between her and Missy, who has also done her share of chewing when she was a pup, she ate several leashes and the seatbelt out of my car, she chewed it so clean that it looked like you took a pair of scissors and cut it.

  • my husbands teeth that the cats knocked off the counter

    hahahaha abby basenji! I swear the cats are in cahoots with the basenjis around here, too!

  • My Sahara has done her share of destroying also, read my post under the Brat Visit thread and you will understand, and I totally understand about the teeth. haha!!!! Thank God I had a extra one to hold me until I could get the better one fixed.

  • Lexi, in her younger-uncrated day (note I said DAY and not DAYS) destroyed: my husband's custom belt ($70), chewed holes in our brand new duvet($100), pulled down and shredded every mini blind in the house ($75), de-gutted every babydoll and toy in sight ($50), and chewed the door frame ($60). Coming home to find Lexi going nuts, doing the wiggle worm in the couch stuffing after tunneling into the sofa? Priceless!!! I wish I had my camera back then!! (Although my husband did not laugh like I did!)

    Lesson learned: Never leave your Basenji uncrated, even for 5 minutes!! And even if she has a "good" older sister Doberman who can be trusted! She will only become an accomplice!

  • I wonder why dog people who don't have basenjis don't seem to know about crate training? Yesterday we met a young man and his dog while we were at the park. Scout's a beagle mix rescued from the pound. He said he and his wife are newlyweds living in a one bedroom apartment and they came home from work to find that Scout had gutted their queen sized mattress which they got as a wedding present from his parents 3 months ago! I mentioned crate training to him and he said, What do you mean crate training?

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