RE: Where is That Dog?

I thought Many of us would have similar pictures, so I was hoping we could all share 🙂

Here is Maverick last night after a successful 20 min "nest" making with Mommy and Daddy's comforter LOL

Oh he's just too cute

Sonny's favorite place is under the blankets! :p

in the 1st one Sheba is trying to hid from bath time and the second one is Ramsey as a pup

First Basenji's

That's how our Bisa is! you will find her under any blanket [with us in it! LOL] or near any register heater in the house … or bathing in the sunlight from windows in the house on nice warm days. I love how she snuggles up to me!

I Absolutely LOOOOVE it when Maverick Comes and Cuddles under the Blankets with us, He curls up behind my knees or back between Geoff and I and keeps me SO warm 🙂 And warm is good, even in Hawaii!! ❤

Sonnyboy and Porthos, THANKS For the Pics TOO Cute! Isnt it amazing how common our B's Personalities are 🙂

First Basenji's

Bisa does that too … LOVES the crook of my legs when I lay on my side!

Buddy is not an under cover dog he'll start at the top of the bed, get his nose just under them and push them back to the foot of the bed bunched up then lay against it.

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