He is all growns up…

…Otis turns 1 today..Happy Birthday big boy..

He celebrated in style..with a large cookie for breakfast, held by his human sister for easy of inhaling..

Then we played for a little bit..what is that under the blanket..mommy's hand silly.

After that he had a bone..with his canine brother as a stand to hold the bone just right..(poor Gus)

Once this was taken care of we went outside and played in the nippy Houston weather..so lots of running around.. with the inhouse giraffe.. I mean podengo, Moses..

They had a general dog party at the fence, with the neighbors dog joining in, through the fence mind you..4 dogs are enough for one yard..

and then he just posed…

and posed…

Lots of pictures but I couldn't stop myself..sorry..

Happy 1st Birthday Otis, you are a handsome chap. Lovely happy pics

Happy birthday Otis! You brindle beast…. 😃

Happy Birthday Otis!

A very Happy Baroothday to you Mr. Otis, you're looking great!

Happy Birthday, handsome Otis!

Happy Barroooo Day, Otis! He really is a handsome boy, and has nice fur-siblings too.

Happy Birthday Otis he looks great

Happy Birthday handsome Otis!! Love the pics! You have a nice pack of pups 🙂

what a nice pictures! congrats on his birthday!
he does look quite puppy likeon the last pictures 🙂

"Day late and a dollar short" as mom used to say….but happy birthday anyway, Otis!!:)


Thanks guys,
He had a splendid day, then again, most of his days are splendid..he makes sure of that ;)..

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