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    ..and he has just turned 7 months old. He is still into all kinds of NON dog approved things, but that is to be expected..he is a basenji after all, right?

    We have finally solved our crate issues when I last week purchased a huge 48" crate for him and Moses to share..they now sleep in there at night and if and when I leave during the days..I can even be in the house and picking things up after I crate him and not a single peep comes out of him.
    The crate is very large so both dogs have plenty room to stretch out and sleep by themselves…which Moses tend to do..however Pippin clearly thinks that is silly as he always piles up ontop of Moses..Snuggling is the BOMB..:)

    We have yet to enter a show, as I wanted him to calm down a little bit more and I also wanted to have some cooler weather so it looks like we are entering a show in October..can't wait.
    He is getting very good at stacking and staying, gaiting is OK..although we have lots of time to practice that before we are showing. I haven't perfected stacking him and taking pictures at the same time and my helper (my daughter) has not been home as much, since school is out and clearly playdates are more fun.. 🙂

    One of his favorite thing is the somewhat new Kuranda bed, my whole pack loves it and I got a really large one so they can sleep together...although Pippin hogs it most of the time 🙂

    sleeping under the bed is also very popular..

    We have been practicing on the table some..but these are the type of pics I get…when my photographer is not helping. But at least he stands there

    Here is a softened up close up of his pretty head..

    Since the heat is here with a vengeance his favorite place to catch some rays is….inside with the A/C blasting..hehe.;)

    but even while inside..the sun can make you sneeze..

    Needless to say his our love..

  • Cute pics!

    And don't worry about perfectly stacking him, you'll get better and more confident at it with experience. From the pictures you've shown in the past you're doing great. Are there any matches at the shows this summer around your area? Much less stress and a good way to take a spin around the ring without worrying about points or anything.

  • He is lovely…

    Psst...I think there is something under the bed 😉

  • Great pictures, Petra! Pippen has grown into a beautiful young man!

  • He looks like a really sweet boy!

  • He looks great, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with him. Our girls debut Sunday on their 6 month date. Its an outdoor show and its going to be really hot, but we are the only 2 class entries, so no pressure there. When we lived in TX showing was a challenge as the shows were few and VERY far between. Seemed like it was always a 5 or 6 hour drive to any show.

  • Houston

    Yes he is a sweetheart for sure, thansk all.

    Lisa, I totally understand what you mean, there aren't that many shows in this area (Houston) ever, but the fall and early spring is better for sure. There is a world dogshow in July,, in Houston, but it is really large so I was told it might be a stressful first time show venue for him and myself, so we are just going to go to look and we are also doing meet the breed (with Moses, the podengo).

    Good luck with the girls on sunday, I know they will do extremely well 🙂

  • He looks great Petra!!!! What a handsome fellow!!!

  • He is turning into such a beautiful guy!

    And sooo sweet 😃

  • Lovely to hear how Pippin is doing, Petra and to see the lovely pictures of him. He's a gorgeous looking boy, in the last pic he looks like he's winking 😃

  • Oh I just want to grab that sweet head of his and give him a kiss on each side of his face. Adorable doesn't come close to describing him!

  • Houston

    Thanks guys..he is pretty darn adorable…:)

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