What age should lure coursing training start?

  • I have been playing w/Tobias and a plastic bag tied to a pole and he loves it!! I want to get him started on this fascinating sport, one that he seems very fond of. He is now 14 months old. Where can I go to find a good trainer in my area? I live very close to Nashville(about 35 miles) but it seems like there is nobody who has any experiance w/ Basenjis, 60% of the people I have contacted dont even know what a Basenji is. These people are missing out on a wonderful breed. Petco and Petsmart have trainers but not for lure coursing. Any ideas?

  • There are no trainers for Lure Coursing. You will need to go to either the ASFA website, Http://www.asfa.org or the AKC events calendar, Http://www.akc.org to find a lure coursing event in your area. Usually clubs hold practices after the completion of the trial, time permitting. Building interest in the plastic bag like you are doing is about the only real training you can do, your dog will either chase the bag or it won't.

  • Hey Barkless… I have heard that Chattanooga Kennel Club is involved with lure coursing.. but I don't know that for a fact. I have found no one in Knoxville yet. I am still searching. Good luck. Let us know if you have any luck.

  • From the ASFA website there are 3 ASFA approved clubs in Tennessee, Chattanooga Kennel Club, Maury County County Kennel Club, and Borzoi Club of Greater Atlanta. All have an email address and phone number of their club contact.

  • Thank you all for the information. I'm looking forward to getting started on meeting some people and basenjis in my area you have been alot of help.
    Thanks again!

  • quick tip, buy your lure coursing collar ahead of time. They sell them online and are much cheaper than buying at an event.

    I had to buy one for Caesar when I was there for him to participate and they were over the top with pricing….

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