• sigh<
    it is fire cracker time again in the netherlands, tonight at 12.00 loads of people will have fireworks, allthough it is not allowed to fire off the fireworks the days before or after the year change , but people do , and the dogs dont like it ( neither do I though )
    fortunately the only one that is real scared is our older basenji girl kalusha, poor thing doesnt dare to go outside at all, and where we live it is kind of quiet with the crackers…...
    this is also the reason why we always stay at home at newyears eve, I dont dare to leave the dogs alone, ah well they dont mind ofcourse and they will all have an OLIEBOL as well 😃

    OLIEBOL is a dutch habit to eat on Newyears eve, I think it is called Fritter in english but it is not exactly the same 😃

    Happy newyear everybody!! we will have it sooner then the american friends here , strange thing when you think about it, in australia it is allready 2010 by now :rolleyes:

  • Happy New Year. Fireworks will be shot off here tonight at midnight not allowed but they will go off anyway.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Yes we have issues too..even though it isn't allowed they go off everywhere and long into the morning..so hard on the dogs..

  • No fireworks here, but I'm hosting NYE this year, so Kananga will have some humans to hang out with. He usually just sits on the couch and waits for someone to come to him and pet him till he falls asleep. Such a spoiled brindle beast he is…..

  • We?re in Sehnde (Germany) this year, I don't know how it will be with the fireworks..
    Our dogs and cat don't mind it, they are used to hear loud sounds on the ship.

    We only miss our Oliebollen 😞
    My mom makes lots of them but it's too far to get some.. :S

  • Marianne and Kim, are Oliebol sweet, they look like batter with sugar on in the pic? Maybe a bit like Dohnuts? Either way they look delicious.
    Fireworks are a pain when you have Pets that dont like them. Our big Dog was terrified but the Basenji used to shoot out of the cat flap when he heard them to investigate.
    We are just visiting relatives across the road tonight but will be first footing when we come back, must get stuff ready

  • We'll have firecrackers probably going off here to in CA even though it's against the law. Our Police Dept actually have sound detectors in the neighbor hoods to detect were the banging is coming from especially if someone fires a gun in the air and the rounds come back down and hurt someone or cause damage.

  • We will have firecrackers here to in the East Bay, good thing that it doesn't bother our Basenjis, never has…. even in the summer when the Alameda County Fair has theirs in July, ours could care less.... thank goodness

  • well half an hour left here, I am going out with all the dogs for the last time this year, everybody is inside now getting the champagne ready ( apart from us as we dont drink champagne :p ) and no crackers are fired off now 🙂


    Marianne and Kim, are Oliebol sweet, they look like batter with sugar on in the pic? Maybe a bit like Dohnuts? Either way they look delicious.

    I had to google to find out what batter is ;), but that looks more like pancakes to me, oliebol is kind of a donut i think, best comparence, you have severall sorts, with raisins, with apple or plain , and we eat them with powdered sugar indeed , so the dough is not very sweet but it is nice and very fat hahaha

    happy new year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oliebol sound delicious, yum, yum

  • Jaycee did really well with all noise she was ready for bed it was past her bedtime. I think she thought the noise was just Eli paying another game.

    Rita Jean

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