Happy Chanukah!!

Happy Chanukah everyone!

Does the fact that I am posting a message about a Jewish Holiday on Shabbos, when I am not supposed to be on the computer count as irony? 😉

Oh well, I am kind of off the derech right now. I will get back on someday.

In the meantime, Happy Chanukah!


Yes! Happy Hannukah! I am peeved that my Yahoo calendar lists the date of Kwanza, but not Hannukah!

Well my calendar has Hannukah… gggg.. and since my Dad was Jewish, to all our friends out there.. a big happy Hannukah to all

Happy Hanukkah! And I just realized that my Outlook Calendar does not include the Jewish Holidays as part of US Holidays either. 😕

Happy Hanukkah to you all also. (it's after sundown so I'm safe posting -{trying to be funny}).
Glad to see there are other's who are owned by a Basenji (or two, or more) that have a Jewish flavor in their life.

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