Happy Birthday Rally Puppies!

Rally made sure that all her babies had the same birthday even though her litters are two years apart. Today is all of their birthday.

Happy Birthday to her Magic Litter, Ramses, Cole, Heart, and Rio! They turn 5 years old today. Here is one of my favorite group pics of them as puppies.

Happy Birthday to her Soul Litter, Zeke, Ringo, and Sophie! They turn 3 years old today. Here is one of my favorite group pics of my 3 little pigs.

Happy birthday to all - love the 3 little pigs photo - too cute! :D:D

Wow…looking at those photos brought that puppy smell right to me...love it!


Happy birthday to all of them, how cool to have the same bday together..

Happy Birthday to all of you what a special day.

Rita Jean

Happy B-day. Hippo's - I call em hippos!

Happy Birthdays!!! I love the little sleeping chorus line pic too!


Happy B-day. Hippo's - I call em hippos!

I'm tellin' ya, Arlene…don't they look like tiny hippos!!! How do you think our Hippo got his crib name... he was also huge compared to the other babies 🙂

Happy birthday to all the Pups, love the 3 little Pigs pic

Rounded muzzles, tiny little ears sticking up, big fat round bellies, and little tiny legs sticking out! All we need is water! Yup, Hippos, Andrea. That's exactly what they remind me of!

Happy Birthday to them all!! The pics are absolutely adorable!!

Happy birthday to the whole gang!

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