• I have a young rescue male, turned 2 years old this month, who tested probably affected via the DNA test. He is not spilling glucose at this time. Has anyone done any pretesting on these dogs? I am considering getting a blood gas test done to see if negative results show up on it before the glucose in the urine. He would also have a full blood panel done at the same time.


  • Oh, Jennifer, isn't he young to be showing?? I thought even with the DNA test, it was 3 before you started treating.
    BUT if I am wrong, please let me know.
    I want to learn all I can re this.

  • There are dogs that have started spilling at 2 years old though the average age of onset is at 5 years old.

    Jennifer, I think that when the test was first developed and some people got Probably Affected Results they did blood gas testing even though they were not actually spilling and a few of them did find that their dog's blood gases were off before the dog was spilling glucose in the urine.

  • After hearing stories of younger dogs spilling, some as young as three, I have been strip testing all my rescues beginning at age two. Since my own individual rescues almost always came from commercial breeders and there is no way to confirm health status on the parents, I would rather be safe than sorry. Since the DNA test has become available, I get them DNA tested.

    I have always wondered what causes some Bs to show symptoms at a younger age than the normal 6-7 years old. Some of my rescues have been traumatized and have not had good nutrition while growing up. I have been feeding him a mammal based higher protein dry and canned food with extra water.

    This young one was bred by a BYB in Southern Ohio and then sold to an Amish USDA licensed dealer/breeder when he was just a young pup. I rescued him when he was around 8 months old. He would have gone to BRAT with the others I rescued from the same person but he bit me out in the yard when I tried to put a leash on him to bring him inside the house. He was scared of the leash when I held it up but I did not know it at the time because I put a leash on him to get him in the backyard. He had some issues but is doing fairly good now. He was also scared of a broom, moving a rug around, certain loud noises, etc. He was meant to be at my place because of the Fanconi! The only major health issue he had was an undescended testicle and it was way far up, next to his kidney.

  • Well, I can add that I know of a dog (now deceased) that started spilling shortly after his 2nd birthday. And he was not traumatized… raised with a breeder that socializes pups and gives them lots of attention. Went to a home that had a Basenji and did all the right things with this boy... never any social issues

    And I too have heard of people that have had blood gases done on a DNA test Fanconi dog but not spilling and found that some of the levels were already off... not much but for sure off

  • Hi tanza, dr gonto's has asked me to get a blood gasses test done on my boy ! Just to see where he's at with with his dna test comming back as crrier/affected. I'm doing that this monday!. And then i have to email him the resaults back. He told me that by doing this test he would have a better way of telling what the basenji would need in as of medications'and food diet!.

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