• Well I will learn all that is left out is fair game for Jaycee. I bought some mens heavy work socks three in package blue, brown, black. While we were in the kitchen yesterday Jaycee found them and put holes in the heel of one brown and one blue. Jaycee could have at least put holes in same pair not Jaycee. My husband so right just cause I can. I bet I learn to put things up. LOL..

    Rita Jean

  • Jaycee mustn't have liked the taste of the Black ones 😉

  • hahahah Maybe you can mix them up? 😃

  • She got them out of my hiding spot for Christmas they were a present. I must say I just rolled them up into a ball and let her have them she has been having a blast. I just need to buy her or get her old socks for Christmas. Could be she just got her sock now do I just need the lump of coal.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    We have a huge tub full of old socks, missmatched socks or just plain socks that are too small ..the dogs love them, I sometimes put a tennis ball inside of some of them, tie a knot and then they bocome fun bouncy socks..for free..

  • …perhaps taking all the socks and quilting / sewing them into one big X-mas stocking?...

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