• Sigh, it feels like the "Gizmo problems" never stop….back and forth to the vet we go...anyways;

    Gizmo has been having some stomach or colon problems. His stool has been very soft, on the edge of being diarrhea, it's color is very light/yellow, also some blood has been turning up in it, as well as small amounts running out of his rectum. He didn't want to eat, and looked like he had problems while pooping....looked like something big is trying to get out.

    On Monday 23 (today is Thursday) I went to the vet. She took his temp, and did a finger test, there was blood on her finger when it came out, not much, but it was there. Poor Gizmo pressed his face deep into me and breathed real hard as she did this! I think he knew we wanted to help, we was very good about it.

    I was then given something called Diarsanyl, which is an oral pasta which protects the colon during prolonged diarrhea since it can damage the organ.
    I was also told to give Gizmo a Rice + Chicken diet. I think it was to clean out his system of any dog food, and give his stomach something new to work on.

    Needless to say Gizmo LOVES this diet and I dread the day I have to serve him his dog food again. He licks his lips constantly as I prepare it! And he actually does 3-5 spins around in joy as I walk over to put the bowl down for him. Haha, what a nut!

    Well after 3 days, still no improvement, and I called the vet today and we are going back tomorrow. She mentioned they might keep him there.

    Besides his stool being loose, and with signs of blood. He is playful and awake. I know dogs usually become "depressed" if something is wrong, but he seems fine.

    What I wanted to know if anyone have some tips/suggestions on things to ask/inform my vet to do. Like tests etc... Or if anyone has experienced the same thing?

  • I'm not a vet but it seems like an intestinal bacterial infection. I had my first Basenji get very sick/bacterial infection with blood coming out the anus on a camping trip eating bad/old food off the ground in the mid 70's. As a recovery diet the vet had me feed her cooked ground beef and cottage cheese. My second Basenji had a few times had a little blood in the stool as well but it cleared up after a day. Is it cooked chicken and white rice? That should be good. Is he dehydrated at at all? Are his gums pale?

  • I don't have experience with this but just want to say hope the little guy gets better soon!

  • Nope, gums are fine, and he drinks well.

    Yep, I chop up and cook the chicken along with the rice so the rice gets some taste (vet suggested this). Was to mix it 1/3 chicken, 2/3 rice.

    Thanks for the support Tayda Lenny.

  • I know we've said this before, but Giardia? I would be asking for a round of meds for Giardia.

  • Sorry to hear about Gizmos problems, hope everything goes ok tomorrow. I enjoy hearing about his antics

  • Does Gizmo chew on bones or hooves? Maybe there's something sharp he swallowed and it's in his colon. Or he has Giardia.

  • I would just trust your vet 🙂 I hope Gizmo is feeling better soon!

  • No bones/hooves, only Oxhide ones that are store bought. And the occasional pigs ear.

    I'll mention Giardia tomorrow, thanks.

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear of Gizmo's stomach issues..Otis has had this type of diarrhea twice, well once, the other one was severe..either times, he tested negative for Giardia, yet the vet gave him meds for it, having a hunch..it cleared up nicely and he was all good again..Question is, do you even have Giardia in Norway? I don't know.
    Has he been eating junk, like dirt, rocks, leaves or anything while you've been walking him? He might just have some bacterial in him and it needs to run its course..chicken and rice is great..I was also told that cottage cheese is good, in swedish it is called Keso, but I don't know what it would be called in norwegian..either way, it is curdled cheese.. bland food, lots of water, if he drinks on his own, good sign..it can take 7-10 days of clearing up, on its own. Good luck, let us know how he is doing..

    I know how it is..Otis has been to the vet a lot as well..

  • Giardia does not show up all the time in samples. They have to be shedding to be evident, a lot of vets miss this. Otis was lucky to have a vet who has a clue!

  • I hope he is better and home with you soon.
    Its awful when our b's aren't well.

  • I had an identical problem with AJ. Vet tested his stool, no bacteria. He ate and drank normally, energy level was not affected. However: The day before this started, I took him in to a PetSmart to have his nails trimmed. He was so upset by this, he crapped as soon as we were out of the store. Everything was fine until the following day and the diarrhea cycle started. It was the same thing…poop the runs, go about 15 feet and squat again, then go another 15 feet and squat...each time straining like there was something else in there. Vet called it Idiosyncratic Diarrhea which basically meant he had a case of the runs for no apparent reason.

    He gave AJ a shot that made him sleep soundly for a full day except when I got him out to go potty. When AJ woke up the day after the shot, he was fine. The long sleep gave his body time to reset and get back to normal. If diarrhea is allowed to continue, it will cause enough irritation in the bowel for it to begin bleeding. This, in turn, can cause existing normal bacteria to get places it isn't supposed to be, which creates a cascade of other problems.

    I believe the nail trim did it. I had taken him to a groomer at a pet store about three months previous to this. I had to leave him there for about an hour so they could groom him. When I returned for him, he was so anxious to get out of there he climbed over the half door at the counter. I think the memory of being left in, basically, a dog prison and the smells that went with it were enough to set him off. We haven't been to a store groomer since. Haven't had any diarrhea lasting more than one poop since either.

    (Added text) AJ always either throws up or gets the runs from pork. He does not get pig ears because of this. Besides…I picked a load up at a pig ear factory. No way I'd consider that edible for a dog after what I saw there.

  • Topper had diarrhea off and on for several weeks and finally some bloody stools last year. The vet couldn't find anything and the stool specimen seemed OK when they looked under the microscope. As we were leaving, the vet tech ran out, she found hookworms in his stool. We treated him for that and he was good as new in about 3 days.

    Hopefully your boy will feel better soon!

  • IPSID is common in basenjis. It is usually diagnosed by elimination, so all other causes need to be eliminated first, but it is something to be aware of.

    The yellow can also be indicative of EPI, especially if it is soft and cow-patty like. This is also something to ask your vet about.

    Hope some of this helps.


  • I don't think it's Idiosyncratic Diarrhea, he has had it for close to two weeks total now, but I will still mention it. Thanks.

    So far I have noted down IPSIS, EPI, Gardia, and hook worms.

    Just came back from the vet. I feel confident. She told me they were gonna take some xrays to make sure everything was ok inside. I also took a stool sample with me. Sounds like they had all bases covered.

    Naturally I forgot the note with all your suggestions, but they are gonna call me later and I will ask what tests were run, and if the mentioned where tested as well.

  • Hmmm…diarrhea started roughly the same time as your humping post. Wonder if they're connected?

  • Haha, oh lord I hope not! Anyways, he was "safe"…no red lipstick out of the holster as he was doing that. 😉

    Besides, he was doing it wrong anyways...lol

    Hmmm, do then make chastity belts for male dogs? 😃

  • 😃 Actually, they do…most ppl just put britches on the girls, though.

  • Well, just got off the phone with the vet. Everything seems fine. Xrays etc showed nothing out of the ordinary inside him. She also looking inside his colon with a camera, and they took a blood test (which we will have to wait for results).

    What she did know, was he had high amounts of white blood-cells, which could be a result of stress (his separation anxiety came to mind), as well as an infection of some sort. We will be treating him with antibiotics until the blood tests come in, and he is to go back to his kibble. She informed me all "Basenji" type infections will be tested, as well as the "usual suspects".

    Gizmo was apparently playful, and for one unsupervised moment, he managed to get a hold of his leash and eat a chunk of it! What a guy!

    So I can pick him up in one hour.

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