Do your b's follow you from room to room

  • I have one b who is constantly wanting to follow me, bedroom, bathroom, course, they both want to be in the kitchen when I am in there.
    Do your b's follow you from room to room?
    Even when your doing something boring?

  • AJ does follow me when we're not in the truck. If I'm at my friends' house and go into the bathroom, naturally I close the door. He waits for me just outside the door. That is, unless there's a kid around somewhere. Then he's stuck to them like glue.

  • No he doesn't follow me, he tail gates me biting at my pant leg and putting his paw in front of my foot trying to trip me.

  • Oh yes! Abbey dogs me everywhere I go even to the bathroom, a big problem if I'm in a hurry….I can't answer the phone half the time because when it rings even if she's 3 rooms away she tries to get there before I do. She's running and looking back over her shoulder like Please Don't Step On Me!

  • Yep, they follow me EVERYWHERE. 🙂 like a shadow. I am never alone. Ha ha .. and I love it.

  • We have wood floors, Chance and Kiya follow me everywhere, so all you hear is ts ts ts ts ts behind you all the time. When you close the door they start digging and trying to stick their nose under it.

  • Jaycee is not my glue but she sure is my husbands. Just in last couple of weeks Jaycee's now just cries and makes sounds when he leaves for work.

    Rita Jean

  • Yes, I have three shadows – my own, and my two Basenjis. Don't think it's a Basenji thing though, because my last two dogs {corgi mix and golden mix} also shadowed me wherever I went.} Can't turn around w/out tripping over one.

    My family says when I shower Jazz sits outside my bedroom door whining. She is always there waiting when I come out. And when I leave the house, both of them stand up in the window to watch me drive away.

  • Houston

    Otis finally, after about 6 months, stays aleep during the day if I move through the house(he will poke his head up briefly, but doesn't seem to wake up to much)
    ..he has always woken up, or should I say, never really slept, just kept his eyes closes…he was so close behind either me or my kids if they were moving around I would joke around saying.."don't stop too sudden, his nose will end up wedged in you b---cheeks.."

    Now Moses is doing this, I guess he hasn't been here long enough yet to relax, Itell him constantly "nothing and nobody is going away..we will let you know if we are leaving .."

    Our fosters we've had has always been very shadowy as well..

    but like Jazzy'sMom said, I don't think it is B ( or sighthound) westie was the same way, up untill he was about 10 or so, then he finally got it..

  • Of course. 😃

  • If I have food/drink in my hands absolutely. Otherwise it depends - if she's hungry and I'm not preparing dinner then she'll go someplace I'm not and be mischevious ;).

  • Shaye has finally stopped following me from room to room if she is sleeping, but Gemma follows me everywhere, whether she is sleeping or not. Maybe when she's been here a long time that will stop - if I go into a room and shut the door, she lays at the door and sticks her feet and nose as far under it as they will go.

  • First Basenji's

    Cody follows me when I initially go into another room, but if I'm not holding food or a toy, doing something he finds interesting, or if something else catches his attention, then he leaves. He used to be a complete and utter velcro dog. He wouldn't leave my side at all, and there were a few times when I almost stepped on him or tripped over him.

    I agree though, I don't think it is just Bs. Moe, our mix, does the same thing. I just think they are nosy.

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