SD puppymiller going out of business sale, b's involved

  • We found this in our local paper today. It is so sad… As far as we know, this is one of the 1st mill auctions in the state. I wanted to post this to see if there are any rescue groups in the area. Thanks!

    Kennel Dispersion Auction
    March 4th, 1pm (viewing 10:30-12:30)
    Miller Livestock Barn
    Miller, SD

    Basenji, Boston Terrier, Chiahuahua, Dachshund, Papillon, Pug, Cockapoo, Italian Greyhound

    Letter of Credit Required

    I just had this note from Jennifer Hill.
    She is wanting to help these basenjis from an upcoming auction in SD.
    Do you have anyone who could help with fostering these dogs?
    Jennifer writes.. There are supposedly
    5 Fs and 1 M, adults, year of births 02-99 and now 3-4
    puppies have been added.

    Can anyone of you foster so they can try to pull all these b's out of there?
    Funds to help bid are also needed.
    If we can save these dogs from going to another puppymiller, its more out of the breeding stream.

  • man! I could have done without that little tidbit of info. They're all 8 y/os too!!!

    not easy.

  • Well, the will be 8 and producing more puppies if the other millers pick them up.
    At least this is another 'going out of business' sale.
    Lets hope its a trend!
    There will be some pups, but either way, none of these dogs need that type of nightmare life.
    Know of any foster homes???

  • This stuff really upsets me :mad: don't know if I'd rather NOT know or get the info & be upset about it 😞

  • This makes me SO VERY angry. I wish I could foster. But our house is too full and hectic to bring an older dog of unknown personality into {and there's that husband to deal with, LOL}. I feel guilty about not being able to open my home.

    What do you anticipate the bidding going to on these dogs?

  • I know its awful…imagine what these dogs live in day after day.
    The hope and joy comes when they can be given a bit of the good life.
    We can't save them all.
    We can only do what we can, but not to share this info is to not even give these dogs any hope or chance.
    I have never gone to one of these "things" I am afraid I would go postal...
    But Jennifer Hill bless her heart has and she works to get these dogs out.
    She was hoping not to have to pay more than $100 per dog, but with the dogs from MO, many of these basenjis were "pre-sold" and some, the bidding went to the roof.
    So, everyone from the MO group was hoping to pay $50 per dog.
    Its hard to say if this will be the same.
    If we can save one, that is one who will not have to suffer.
    WE have to take this dog by dog.
    Someday, hopefully, we will NOT have to deal with this. I so hope.
    As this "business" is closing, it would be the right time to get the dogs out we can.
    Hugs to everyone who reads this and gets upset.
    Its an upsetting deal, for sure.
    Hugs and prayers to the dogs...

  • Ok, Jennifer Hill has a gal who is going and will bid on the basenjis.
    If you can't foster, as I can't, please, contact Jennifer and help fund the bidding on these dogs.
    Contact me via a private message for Jennifer's e-mail.

    Jennifer writes….
    I was planning to go to this auction but I felt it
    too costly to get there, over $400. I feel it was
    better for me to donate to anyone who may be
    these Basenjis. It is over 1000 miles one way from
    and with gas, kenneling, motel costs, etc., it was
    adding up. The weather is horrible there as there
    a snow warning and it is supposed to snow for 2 more
    days. My area is supposed to receive snow this
    weekend so I would be driving right into it.

    There are 5 Fs and 1M, years of birth 99-02. I was
    told there have been some pups added also. There
    be 3 to 4 and I believe these are unsold older pups,
    probably up to 3 months old. My understanding is
    they are not AKC registered.

    Kim, who is coordinating the auction rescues for all
    the breeds, will be able to get some of the Basenjis
    out. If the prices are low enough, she will
    get all of them as she would not want to leave them,
    just for them to go back to the seller. If you want
    to donate, please e-mail me privately and I will
    you Kim's Paypal address.

    I am specifically looking for foster homes and help
    transporting the adult dogs. Kim will be able to
    foster some and I will be able to take a few. If
    are able to help, please contact me privately.


    Jennifer Hill

  • Thanks Sharron. I'll get in touch w/her.

  • have you found foster homes yet?

  • Sorry, I have been out of town on vacation, so am not sure of the status of these dogs?
    Anyone with a new update?

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