Red and White B in OK

What? A B that's not a lap dog???

Do you know whether this is a kill shelter?

And I hope she didn't come from a puppy mill. Wonder why the breeder won't go get her…

Maybe they just meant she wouldn't just sit on a lap all day and do nothing. They can be quite busy.


Wow, I can't believe the breeder knows of her, yet won't care…money hungry, do not care for the breed back yard breeder-punk...oops, sorry about the rant..

She is very pretty.. I have contacted BRAT

Rant all you want, Petra. I feel the same way. I'm just trying to be good right now.

There are a number of BYB's in OK…. sigh

She's very cute. Hopefully she'll find a basenji-savvy home


BRAT is actively trying to help this girl out, Email has been sent, no word yet, though..

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