Preferred foods…

Kananga is not normally a Basenji that is motivated by food. I know he loves fresh cooked chicken and yogurt, but last night I had a good laugh…

I had made some alfredo sauce w/ pasta. I went to sit down and eat it, and Kananga was staring right at me from about 2 feet away and "licking the air". I've never seen him do this before around food. He must really like the scent of this sauce. He thought he could eat it all from a couple feet away. Such a silly boy. I did give him a chance to lick the bowl after I was finished. Just for a few moments but he was happy. He gets table scraps every blue moon because he's so picky. 😃

I only do that because he's polite and doesn't try to jump up. He sits there like a good boy.

That was sweet that you let him have a little being polite and not jumping has its rewards.

Rita Jean


good boy Kanaga. I bet he loved it..

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