• Just had very expensive allergy testing done. My Basenji boy is allergic to corn, oats, rice, green beens, tomatoes, and pumpkin. Switched from dry Science Diet Sensitive Stomach to the venison brand but the cost is to feed two basenjis that food is unbelievable. Any suggestions what to feed them for these allergies?

  • @sherryk - Look at Natural Balance limited ingredients...
    https://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/dog-formulas/limited-ingredient-diets. You can search on line for Limited Ingredient foods, but I have used Natural Balance for many years. (but I mix up kibble with different sources, none with corn or beet pulp for sure). I get the small bites 4lb bag and am feeding 2 at this time, cost is $14.39 from Chewy and lasts for about a month for the two. I only get the small bag as it can go bad (as can any kibble) so I know it is pretty fresh. And with Chewy you can set up auto ship for about 1.00 less a bag. I am surprised that green beens is one of you pup's triggers... and I would venture to bet that fed fresh (same with Tomatoes or Pumpkin) they would not be an issue. One of my Basenjis was highly allergic to corn in dog food, but could eat fresh corn on the cob (but not the cob) with no issues....remember that many of the ingredients are processed where as fresh is not...reason many go to raw or home cooked.

    In my opinion, Science Diet is not a very good food... almost all of their products have corn and really for any dog, not just a Basenji, corn is a big trigger... This is the main ingredients of the Sensitive Stomach food, Chicken, Brewers Rice, Chicken Meal, Yellow Peas, Cracked Pearled Barley, Whole Grain Sorghum, Egg Product, Chicken Fat, Soybean Oil, Brown Rice, Dried Beet Pulp. Even the venison that is only the 3rd ingredient... not the best in my opinion.

    Again I will say that in my opinion Science Diet is not a very good food... and $80 a bag is way overpriced, again in my opinion

  • Thanks for your fast reply. I have a 12-year-old female and a 1 1/2-year-old male at this time. The maleis the one that has all the allergies. I would like to feed them the same diet as it is so much easier. The food they recommended with the venison is $80 a bag for a 17 day supply for both dogs which is very costly. Could you print out and reply to me a sample of a daily diet like just what you would feed them and I would like to try your suggestion. You can also email me at [private email removed].

  • @sherryk - How much are you feeding them now? How is their body weight? Not the lbs but how does their body look? Note that with seniors I don't mind if they carry a bit more body weight. And the limited Natural Balance is fine for both, my two girls at home are 11 1/2, they have no issue with the Natural Balance and do quite well on it... That said, I do add to the kibble, in the morning a big teaspoon of wet (and natural balance has canned wet with limited ingredients also). For the evening meal I added veggies, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, squash, etc... and meat.... so in the morning they get 1/2 cup (level 1/2 cup not heaping) kibble with the wet. Evening meal is light 1/2 or less with the veggies and/or meat. I use raw meat, but you can use things like ground beef or turkey/chicken boiled in water (and mashed up).... All of my Basenjis, even when we are raising litters are given raw veggies to munch on like cucumbers, lettuce, etc.... they love it once they get used to it and I know that you say that your boy is allergic to tomatoes but for mine that is a big favorite. I also give them plain greek yogurt at noon time every day, teaspoon full... and yes they eat it off the spoon....LOL. Also Natural Balance makes small bite cookies that are also limited ingredient. I make my own treats too with chicken in the dehydrator. I can send you pictures of my girl as for personal reasons I don't post them on this forum. You can also find my email on my website, link below.

  • Hi, I will add my two cents to the “food” question. My boy now 13 years old and very healthy has had food allergies and I finally discovered raw bison ( ground) and not that expensive. I cook it in bone broth ( be sure it is pure bone broth and not chicken broth) then I also found Open Farm Lamb kibble , I give him both of these together and OMG not only normal poops but no more allergies! You can cook the Bison on top of your stove adding the bone broth then store it in the refrigerator. I warm his a bit in the microwave each morning and evening.
    Just my experience! Good luck!

  • I am big fan of cooking for my dog. I used to make big pots of food and freeze the portions. Lately she has been eating what I eat, I set a portion aside in her bowl (which sits on the table while I eat my dinner and then is put on the floor for her). I have to say that I do think I'm eating healthier because of concerns for her "diet". We are both a bit overweight, but conscious of it and exercising (i.e, going on long walks) as much as possible.

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